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Porting Legacy Applications to Add-Ons and Jive Cloud - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Session Description:

With thousands of users and tens of thousands of pieces of Jive content, National Instruments needed a way to manage, and keep up-to-date, sales and marketing materials for a sales force serving over 35,000 companies in nearly 50 countries around the globe.  They ended up developing a robust, hierarchical content bookmarking plug-in, that targeted version 5 of the Jive platform – and their users loved it!


When National Instruments decided to migrate to a cloud-hosted instance of Jive 7, their mission-critical “Clusters” app needed to go with it.  NI worked alongside Austin, Texas-based Jive partner, FG SQUARED, to port and enhance the “Clusters” app.  Now they are going to share some of what they learned along the way…


This talk is a deep dive into some of the technical challenges you might encounter when porting legacy Jive plug-ins to run on the latest Jive platform.


Some of the topics discussed will include:

  • Authentication and authorization using OAuth and OSAPI
  • Refactoring plug-ins to run out-of-process by leveraging Jive’s REST and JavaScript APIs
  • Constraints of running in an IFRAME.
  • Data migration
  • Tools, tips, and tricks for debugging
  • Cross-domain security issues
  • Installing and updating add-ons
  • Creating single-page applications (SPAs) in Jive using AngularJS



Casey Gum

Brent Babin