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    Data Migration from Jive to Salesforce

    pkethireddy1717 Novice

      I am looking for data migration wrt to community migration from Jive to Salesforce.

      Please suggest approaches and consideration for migration of data from Jive to Salesforce interms of which schemas (Core, analytics and Active engine) to be considered and tables required to be migrated and any special considerations for field mappings between Jive to salesforce

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          jgoldhammer Jive SME

          No easy question. It depends what kind of data is important for you. The core database contains all metadata about the content, so this database is very important.

          If you need more information, you can contact me - j.goldhammer@fme.de and we can talk if you want to

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            john_reynolds Guru

            Agree with Jens Goldhammer, you're asking a very complex question. In my experience, we rarely use the database to extract data for a migration. The API is preferred


            For the databases, as Jens said, only core data would be applicable unless getting historical analytics is a priority. I'd recommend just downloading historical reports and keep that as historical analytics


            Here is our general approach for this type of metadata export and you can use the associated API


            • Export user records
              • Export user follows (easier with SQL query)
              • Export user groups
              • Export user group memberships
            • Export places
              • Export place follows (easier with SQL query)
            • Export content, including structured outcomes and attachments
              • Export comments
              • Export content follows
              • Export likes (easier with SQL query)


            Looking for suggestions around additional data to be migrated other than contents.

            I would review the "resources" block of any content item and you can see what can additionally be extracted like attachments, PDF version, entitlements, etc. You may want some metadata, you may not, but your business team working with your technical team can make these decisions.