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    Converting Widget based Search HTML code to be used in a Tile


      Hello, we are using this code in an overview page and would like to use it in a Tile. Any ideas how to convert it?

      We have found many search tool examples but none use the pop up feature where it shows the content of the subspace and its subspaces in a pop up window.


      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




        <style type="text/css">




              height: 25px;

              width: 250px;

              background: #fff;

              border: solid 1px #e0e0e0;





              height: 25px;






        <div id="searchpopupanchorwidget77661585">

         <label for="autosearchwidget77661585">Search</label>

         <input data-spotlight-enabled="true" id="autosearchwidget77661585" data-component="autosearch" data-popup-anchor="searchpopupanchorwidget77661585" placeholder="Search within X only" role="combobox" aria-labelledby="autosearchwidget77661585" aria-expanded="false" data-hidetypes="bookmarks frequent recent all" data-community-name="JIVE" data-filters="" data-origin="searchwidget" data-container="14:9260" data-container-name="Technical" data-container-browseid="799301" aria-hidden="false" aria-busy="false" type="text">

         <button data-component="button" data-type="search" data-field="autosearchwidget77661585">Search</button>