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    Trying to hyperlink pictures within formatted text- or create drop down box

    gracehcollins Novice

      Hi, I’m trying to hyperlink some images on my overview page to lead me to another page, however when I enter the link within the formatted text widget nothing happens. Instead the picture just enlarges when I publish my changes. Could anyone help me with this? Or even if it’s just instructions on how to create a dropdown option under the images. Thanks Grace

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          john_reynolds Guru

          Hi Grace, I set up a Widgetized home page and tried those steps and it worked fine for me. Here's what I did:

          1. Opened a widgetized home page
          2. Added a Formatted Text widget
          3. From the menu, inserted a picture from my desktop
          4. On the image, I selected the link icon and set the URL to be https://www.yahoo.com
          5. I saved the widget and published the page


          When I viewed what I just published, I could see my image, and when I clicked on it, it linked me to https://www.yahoo.com as expected.


          If the image is large, you can always drag it and make it smaller when editing the widget.



          Can you share the URL here there you were trying to redirect to?

          Related to your other question, can you explain what you mean by a "dropdown option under the images"? Are you saying that you want the user to pick something from a list, and it will do _______ ? In general, anything related to a dropdown menu will require an HTML widget and the use of JavaScript, or a custom widget.


          I should have asked this first too ... are you on Jive Cloud, Jive Hosted or Jive on-premises?