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    How to lock comment editing

    larscallsen Novice

      Dear colleagues,


      we have got a problem regarding the comment-function and we are not sure whether its a #bug  or a  feature.


      Imagine the following situation:


      Person A created a #comment to a Blog-Post or Jive Document.

      Person B answered the comment.

      Person A edited his initial comment.

      Person B's answer does not make sense anymore.


      Is there a possibility to lock a comment after somebody answered? If not: How can we avoid that a comment can be edited after the creation?


      Thanks a lot for your feedback.

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          ingevwb Jive SME

          Lars, if person A change his comment based on feedback of B, why may he/she not?  When we do this, we refer to the other comment, person and case by case it's decided if it makes sense to keep the obsolete comment.

          An improvement that we would however welcome is that we can branch commenting. It often happens that a comment is a new question and that we would prefer to turn it in a new q&a. But this is only possible for comments within a Q&A. 

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              larscallsen Novice

              Hi ingevwb, the problem of changing the comment after an answer has been published is that we have 200k+ user and are not able to manage such situations case by case because of a lack of man power. In addition we lose user trust when situation arise when an answers to  comments makes no sense anymore (it is like changing the past).