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    updfield decoding

    sqlprojekt Novice

      Dear community,


      Is there a key to decode 'updfield' field in sql server to get to know what fields have been changed and when for the last time.


      Just to give an example:



      Thank you in advance

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          andrelerche Novice

          Dear Marek,


          please understand that I cannot go into detail. But as a good start you could enable the log of SQL statements (for example via parameter -q:stmtlog) and then in mmba, define a condition on a field of your choice with option "Compare with" equals "Last Change".



          With this condition enabled, you can see in the log u8_Base_Username.log in system/db how the function PREFIX_UpdToDt is used to extract this information from column UPD_FIELD.


          Best regards,