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    Question regarding default values in a process

    stefgroenendaal Novice

      Hi Community,


      I'm using default values from a process storage in a ExpandNew process step.


      I would like to fill aditional fields with default fieldvalues, but since I'm using default fieldvalues from the process storage I'm unable to add others. For example in I would like to fill field 0 with catalogue value #1. This obvisously won't work because of the Process Storage source.


      I can't use a default values trigger since there already is on specified with completely different values which I can’t use. There are also  no unique values in the expandnew on which I can trigger a seperate one. One workaround would be to use a “template record” and use the CopyUid parameters, but preferably not since this record could be accidently deleted (of course we can block this in the rights, but again I would preferably not use this)


      My question is: Is there another way to insert default values in the new view (not after, but before the save so it's is visable for users).