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    JIVE and Aurea CRM as a competetive for Salesforce Chatter

    jklumpp Novice

      Hello Together,


      I have a question for the community. Everybody is talking for SalesForce chatter. Now we got the idea (within a workshop) to use JIVE to face the issue, that Aurea CRM does not have any functionality. The idea is to use the discussion functionality of jive with a connection to Aurea CRM to rebuild the functionality of chatter (discussing Aurea CRM information).So to connect a JIVE duscussion to a record in AUREA CRM. Also the idea is, to use JIVE for a software independent solution for companies that have more than one CRM-System. So for example as a solution for Aurea CRM and SalesForce within one collaboration software.


      What do you (the community) thinkt for it?

      Would Aurea Connect JIVE and Aurea CRM with a standard interface?


      Thanks a lot,