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    China and wechat


      Does anyone have a China community strategy?  Wechat seems to be well adopted, so I'm curios if others have just used it instead of Jive to facilitate a community or tried integrating their Jive community with it somehow.  Alternatively has anyone used a localization tool or carved out a separate place within their community just for China?


      This isn't tied solely to external communities so I'm CCing Jive Internal Communities too

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          Hi Matt,


          We absolutely have separate "sections" of our community that are in other languages. We have a space for China where most content is in Chinese, but people do sometimes reply and/or post in English. We also have a group for our Japanese colleagues.


          At UBM, we had Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), and French spaces/groups. It really depends on what you are trying to facilitate, but what we found was that for the few people that needed or wanted to read/respond in a different language than what was posted, it was acceptable to teach people how to use Chrome and add the Google Translate extension to their browser toolbar.


          Hope that helps!


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            Helen Chen

            You might be surprised if you do some searching around. End users are very comfortable spinning up their own conversations about products on other sites.  I worked for one company who had no strategy for China and were shocked to find a community already in place which was larger than the official corporate community.  If that's the case, it might be worth finding a way to play nicely together rather than recreating the wheel…