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    API GET totals per account

    Stephanie Standring Expert

      Is there a way to get a count/total for how many GET requests are made on a particular account? We keep track of activity of our various system accounts and I wanted to know how many GET calls are being performed on each account. I was advised by our development team that there is not an API to pull GET counts so I was wondering if there is another way to obtain those totals.


      I can see the GET calls in the Admin console Audit log, so I am thinking there is a way to pull this data. However I am unable to extract the details from the audit the log. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          gopi.gorantala Advanced

          Audit log keeps track of all the activities happening in Jive including any minor change in the instance, I think you are searching it at the right place...  If pulling this through Audit logs is expensive or taking long times, its easy to pull the results from the server logs.


          Matthew Aeolian - I knew you do this a lot.. can you help here with your experience of tracking all GET request per account ?