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    Where are we now with the ACM / CRM sync

    magnus.doernen@saint-gobain.com Novice

      Hi to all,

      just for my info - is there a current status on where we are exactly now with ACM.

      We had some conversation during the CAB meeting in Munich so it would be interesting for me to see how Aurea has managed the reported issues in the system (e.g. a siginficant delay in the outbound/sync  of records between ACRM and ACM)

      Thx  & happy to talk,


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          Michael Obermaier Novice



          thank you for reaching out! As part of our Roadmap To Stability initiative we are constantly working on improving the integration between Aurea CRM and Campaign manager.


          Please find attached a short presentation where we outline the different initiatives that are either completed, on the way, or pending to be delivered.


          We are regularly updating this document to reflect the progress of our efforts.


          If you are interested we will connect you with an expert to walk you through the different topics.


          All the best,




          cc: Ingrid Lamperstorfer

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            Michael Obermaier Novice

            Yesterday, I received an update from our engineering team. It clearly shows that we can expect dramatically improved performance and stability of the overall integration, as well as from the various components involved.


            1. Recovery of unsent messages functionality is on track and should be delivered as agreed by mid-August
            2. Engineering work on "Faster Target Group Transfer" between ACRM & CAM is in progress, and we are looking for 10x+ improvements once this is delivered
            3. Upon completion of item #2 we will re-execute the performance test scripts
            4. Pending defects are closed
            5. Overall performance improvements for CAM: to date we have already improved 5 use-cases with 20 more coming by the end of the quarter, which will definitely boost the overall CAM performance


            More updates to come as we progress.


            Have a great weekend!

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                gabor.horvath Novice

                Hi Michael,


                I can also confirm that the integration of ACM and CRM is getting better and better. The communication from CRM to ACM seems to be stable and fast. Although I cannot confirm the stability of the ACM->CRM interface, but this might be a "customer specific" issue.


                There is one point which is frustrating now: the customer (or partner) does not have the possibility to see what is happening on the SyncMiddleware. So if you are sending out e-mail from ACM and do not see the delivery information and the responses in CRM, you do not have the possibility to trace down where the issue is. The log of the CRM.Server is not enough, as it could be a queuing problem on the SyncMiddleware. But as I do not have access to that, I have to open a support ticket, which takes a while (in best case 1-4 hours).


                I wish to have some kind of reporting/access of the customer specific Syncmiddleware queue the be able to identify the issue by yourself. Also in case of general issue on the syncmiddleware some general information would be nice (e.g. a web page showing a status or current issues).

                Are there any plans for that?


                Best regards,


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