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    URGENT Help with Akamai License

    lallison Advanced


      I am a former Jive-X customer and I need assistance with my Akamai license currently held by Aurea. Lithium has been contacting you and has not received a response. Please tell me whom I may speak with to discuss our Akamai certificates. Time is of the essence. We need to speak to someone as soon as possible.


      Jive/Aurea holds an Akamai license for two of our production sites. Contained within that license; Akamai has a staging and a production network for both of these domains. This allows Akamai to conduct tests before pushing changes to our production environment.

      We wish to ask Akamai to please remove our two domains from the Akamai staging network only (leave the Akamai production network in place for those two domains) so that we may apply a new Akamai staging network to that URL. I can supply the URLs privately.


      Please help.

      Thank you,