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    Url Change in a prticular document

    sandeepkumar Novice

      We are trying change a url inside a document.The use case is that we have a url that is placed inside a document.We need to update the existing url with the new url.
      We are making the changes in the jiveRenderedContent.The ful query is:

      UPDATE jiveRenderedContent

      SET value = replace(value,


      'https://shp.swissre.com/sites/dgf/Shared Documents/Baseline/Training/U - User/Recorded demo/Generate Policy from Manhattan via DocGen demo.avi')

      where objecttype = 102 and objectid = 78732 and objectversion=1


      The problem is that it is not reflecting in the frontend.
      We are also clearing all the cache and restarting all the server.

      Any suggestion as what can be the blocker.



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          john_reynolds Guru

          Hi Sandeep,


          For caching, yes, going into System -> settings -> cache will clear all the caches, but your search/replace might not be solving what you're trying to do. You may want to look at the other Jive tables that store the info:


          public | jivedocbodyconfig           | table | jive

          public | jivedocbodytypes            | table | jive

          public | jivedocbodyversion          | table | jive

          public | jivedoccollab               | table | jive

          public | jivedocelementtype          | table | jive

          public | jivedoctype                 | table | jive

          public | jivedoctypeelement          | table | jive

          public | jivedoctypeprop             | table | jive

          public | jivedocument                | table | jive

          public | jivedocumentaudit           | table | jive

          public | jivedocumentbody            | table | jive

          public | jivedocumentprop            | table | jive

          public | jivedocversion              | table | jive

          public | jivedocversioncmmt          | table | jive


          However, here is the recommended way to do what you're looking to do


          If you're using a Jive plugin

          1. Use the Java API to get the document contents
          2. Do the search/replace of the URL
          3. Save the document


          If you're using a command-line application (or a plugin, too)

          1. Use the /contents REST API to get the document contents
          2. Do the search/replace of the URL in the JSON
          3. Use the /contents REST API to update the document


          Using the API will always update the cache layers. Updating the database is usually not best practice if there is API available