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    NYC User Group 20-Mar - Session Minutes

    moby Jive SME



      ·         Mike --

      "Launching an Intranet: Converting from a siloed Sharepoint and a widgetized home page to a News-Stream based home page"


      ·         Julie --

      we are struggling with the Enterprise onslaught of Office365 tools knocking on our door. I'm wondering if others are dealing with similar issues.

      (Eric) we have a handout with a matrix with list of use cases for how to use it

      (Donna) We're trying to avoid teams as long as possible

      (Julie) Teams will replace skype.  Collaboration tool selection process. Although there are lots of other tools, WE direct them about how to use and where and for what purpose. Document repository - Box. Workflows, use sharepoint. Basic team collaboration, use Jive in combination with Box because we can embed a Box view into an html tile.

      (Keeley) build your construct where you intend the content to be in its final state. If the content is never going to be public, then use Teams (or whatever tool)


      ·         Julie --

       has anyone successfully integrated their Jive instance with SharePoint and do they have good/bad stories to tell?

      (Keeley) jive-for-sharepoint connector

      (Donna) sharepoint is difficult. Site build is complex, not for general users. Even workflow building process is complex.

      Watch out for sharepoint sites which are automatically built behind the scenes for use of planner and teams

      Watch out for granular permissioning in sharepoint. Can get tricky, fast!


      ·         Mike --

      GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance May 2018 Deadline: Are You Ready?

      Do you have Jive users in the European Union? If you do, your community must be compliant.

      What issues have you faced in the preparation, and are you ready?

      Important (Gary) SEC is planning an offering for GDPR UX. Please send Gary your email to be on the announcement.


      ·         Donna --

      My company is in it's second year of a Jive-N journey. We are always looking for ways to improve user engagement. Coming from a consumption modeled intranet we have struggled with converting consumers into participants and more so contributors. My goal this year is to define some use cases and best practices for the use of team specific groups as a way to bring in more activity and increase knowledge sharing on an enterprise level.

      o    Threat of Teams is coming.  Need direction here. Want knowledgebase. Want to get people out of their silos and join in.

      o    14000 registered. 9300 Active. 2100 Participating. 333 Contributing.

      o    Rewards / gamification.

      o    Firm-wide initiatives?  Barrage of corp com coms going through emails. Newsletter was going out separately. Full article in Newsweaver. We have onboarded them into jive. Synopsis email with read-full story link to jive.

      o    Multip-prong approach

      ·         Who are the early-adopters? Get them in first and get them to populate content.

      ·         Look for content matter experts across the business.

      ·         Get communicators (corporate affairs) and people with "communications" in the title to get them onboarded. (obvious fit)

      ·         Executive perspective. How can we get them in? Aha! Competition!

      §  If you're having a town hall, please advertise it.

      §  Org announcements.

      §  What are the types of posts that drive engagement?

      o    Ghost-writing tool.

      o    Who *should* be creating content in your community? Are they doing it?
      Answer: we want *all* people to be creating content.
      i.e. We want sales people on the road selling. If we see sales people in jive talking all day long, something is wrong.

      o    Is collaboration happening somewhere else? Are they emailing?
      Attack email. Outlook plugin is a great way to get there!
      Help center. Convert emails to you to discussions to model the correct behavior.
      "If you're sending it by email, it gets stuck in email."

      o    Create "working as a group" guideline.

      ·         Benefits of using a discussion. 90-day retention on email.

      o    Video: "A day in the life" -- using email with Jive. Show the benefits of use.
      do work in the same way, but "have a golden source" in the community.

      o    Build a use case, design it, get a pilot group and feature it.

      ·         CSRs need to be on the phone, not hanging out on the community. But normally, when they start their shift, they spin up a massive skype group -- on the phone with XX

      ·         HR implementation.  Group with Q&A for support.

      o    Sales enablement team: for all sales and system engineers, we invite them into a cohort group with is private (all employees go to HQ for a week). Inherently it's a social group for support. They do the training in a private group, teaching them how to collaborate.  Half-way through, they say, "does the sales team have a group like this?" : "now you know jive pretty well, and we can build a collaboration group"

      o    Who are the people in the organization who are really influential?  Get them into Jive. Don't move what's working, but solve a pain point.  Start a group where they work on just that one point.

      o    The "Telling other people" part is the most important thing. Create a gallery of success stories. Who it was, why they created it, how it works, take a snapshot. Something to read on the train. Pockets of early adopters.  How did you get your group to work this way?  See other examples of how this work.

      o    What about personal interest groups? (runners, book lovers, etc.)

      At Medidata, one time, they got all the owners of those groups to come together and bring food for a "connect and join in" day.

      ·         Employee Action Committee "Ministry of Fun". Social Activities for employees to get involved in.


      ·         Catherine --

      What are people doing for External Communities?  (topic taken after formal session, during co-working time)


      ·         Keeley --
      What is the future of Jive for Office? (discussed below)


      ·         Keeley --
      Microsoft Teams. (discussed below)


      ·         Keeley --

      Community Roundtable.

      It's a community for community managers, platform agnostic. $1400-1500 per year.

      o    Work out loud thread every Monday morning.

      o    No vendors are allowed. We have valuable discussion

      o    Jive-slack channel, and we're on it during the webinars

      o    It's the place where many folks have gone from AW.

      o    We all need to be learning about this market and the products in the marketplace.

      o    Conference in Bsoton "CR Connect".  It's what JiveWorld used to be, but at a smaller scale.

      o    You don't have to explain what it is that you do, just go deep with brilliant people.

      o    Helping you be a more strategic community professional

      ·         How do you talk about ROI

      ·         Talking to a CEO about the real importance of what we do.







      ·         Dashboard for checking in on systems across the enterprise

      ·         Effect of having in in-house dev and tech team to assist with hosted and on-prem instances.

      ·         Employee intranet.

      o    Corp com / communication tool

      ·         Jive for Office in heavy use

      ·         Moving content to Sharepoint to take advantage of global search.



      ·         TAM "Greg" has been outstanding. But now TAM program is going away? Escalated it and it has been reinstated.

      ·         We seem to have to escalate to senior executive management to get progress.
      We are cc'ing Scott Brighton on tickets!


      ·         We didn't renew premium support this year due to lack of value.
      Every ticket we opened was a known issue and no progress ever given.
      Great progress has been made on open issue backlog.


      ·         SLAs not met.

      o    Restating the problem that I described does not meet the SLA.

      o    Resolution takes weeks and weeks and weeks.

      o    7 days initial turnaround is waay outside the SLAs.

      o    SLAs started slipping months before the acquisition


      ·         Not interested in new products or upgrades until "support is fixed"

      ·         (Joey) (Prime as a corporate offering which is a core offering of Aurea)


      ·         Cop-out recommendations for next steps -"lets reindex your instance"
      Is hosting still watching our instance? / Health check?


      ·         We used to depend upon the collaboration in JC

      o    participation has fallen off, and our idea mechanism has also been lost.


      ·         "No more technical team / dev team for Jive for Support"
      We are facing a decision to tell folks to stop using Jive for Office.


      ·         "My job is potentially on the line because of the disruptions to the platform support and its stability"


      ·         Lack of Care.


      ·         Losing our sense of partnership between our companies.

      o    No presence at a do-or-die moment

      o    "Can you just get on the phone?!"


      ·         L1 knowledge not at the proper level.

      o    I know more about the product than them.

      o    We are training the support on the product. "No, that is not how the product works…"


      ·         Contracted Offering (Premium) not met

      o    Monthly operational reports not coming.

      o    Quarterly meetings not held.

      o    Weekly meetings not held went to two weeks.

      "I am on so many accounts, I just don't have time to meet with all of them."


      ·         What is supported? What isn't support (referral to professional services).


      ·         We're still on the same version we've been on for the last 18 months.

      ·         Need a diverse feedback opportunity.

      ·         Consistency and performance issues -- core functionality just doesn't work.

      o    Images just started disappearing a few weeks ago. -- high-profile news has no images

      o    No one technical available to join a customer call

      o    Okta SSO.

      • Acquisition churn - 1 year postpone is norm
      • Support Tech plate-spin gone to silence / have to build-in month-to-six-week delay
      • Frequent flanking, picking up the phone, continuous calling
      • 3 months late on promises
      • Can you please just get on the phone?!



      ·         JOEY

      o    I stayed at Aurea/Jive because looking at the roadmap and the resources that Aurea has.

      ·         Semantic search.

      ·         "Who is the right person to help you?" "According to the calendar, this is when they can help you"

      o    History

      ·         Elisa pushed "apps" in lieu of core, but there wasn't proof in market

      ·         Refocused back to core

      o    2016.3.10 coming *before* 2017.1 in order to implement GDPR

      o    Strategy

      ·         Fix bugs on core version, and make sure it is CLEAN before going forward

      ·         Aurea has better tools in place to harden and test code before it is released

      ·         Frequency of updates will improve (service based architecture)

      ·         Timing for tides is a suggestion, but it's based on experience of first tides

      ·         2017.1 isn't going to be drastically different except for bug fixes and some UX

      ·         2018.1 (end of the year) will start to see some major changes

      ·         Hosted numbering will also change and get parity with cloud, but you may be waiting a bit for it.

      ·         Slack / Teams are a frequent request.  We will integrate with Teams and with Slack. We will also build our own that will have parity with Slack.  Has channel functionality, public/private forums. Not meant to replace the jive experience, but to drive connection back to core

      ·         Changes to Content and Places. No more 500 different types of  content. Will be more like facebook, such as with attachments. Based on attachment, we choose how it will be rendered. Groups will be hierarchical and have permission sets.

      ·         Integration types will be changing. i.e. chatter with salesforce. Framework will change such that content from other systems and render them as if they are from the other applciation.
      We will extend the social function so that it will match the integration. No longer a comment stream, it's a commentary stream that is connected it by the audience.  Possible to have a different discussion thread for a different audience.



      ·         What does it say that we ECMs are letting our frustrations out at the seams on the JC!?!

      ·         Jive World ???


      I LIKE

      o    This format

      o    Good amount of people here.

      o    Hearing about topics and issues that we're facing, things that we might have to consider

      o    Mike's facilitation.

      o    Happy to meet everyone! Will try to come more to these. Come to Chicago meetings (we are platform independent).

      o    Open sharing environment that we created. Nobody's judging anyone. Say what you want to say.

      o    Coming together. Great ideas shared

      o    Reality check.

      o    Having a rep from Aurea here and having his take on things, especially as a jive veteran.

      o    Problem solving part. One person has an issue, what has everyone else done?

      o    Like this format. Same as we're using in Boston.

      o    Having aurea here with us. Hearing that he is hopeful and get their act together in the near future sounded more promising. He was candid.


      I WISH

      o    Let's do them regularly again.  Huge value proposition in having regular meets.

      o    More success stories of things that are working in your community and share and show them.

      o    Jive gets it together and that we are all still using jive and can help each other out.

      o    Wish it were a bit more applicable for us (jive-x)

      o    Let's have somebody at each session from aurea to give updates.

      o    If I were the aurea owner, I'd be motivated to give everyone a plan having heard everyone talking about the same issues and challenges.
      not sure i want to have aurea at every meeting, might not be genuine as we would otherwise.

      o    (social edge) Partnering with a customer to demonstrate what we achieved with a particular challenge.

      o    Wish they were more transparent with us. It's been too dark.




      ·         No concept of "workflow" as a part of collaboration tasks

      ·         Important Where is the opportunity for community participation in the roadmap?



      ·         Tiles.

      Aurea will build OOTB tiles for other Aurea integrations.