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    How to Use ListPicker in Process

    andmat Novice

      There is an Action "ListPicker" in Process.


      How can you use it? There is no documentation in web.adminguide or knowledge base or it.


      There are not many parameters. First problem there is no filter possibility. You can only set InfoArea and an optional link.

      Or is it possible to give a uids parameter into this BaseListDataPage or what is the use of it ?


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          I have never heard of this ActionTemplate. What are you trying to accomplish?


          BR Phil

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              andmat Novice

              In V7 you could use this to give the user a List from which he can choose data. The Chosen records  were then shown in a second list. (virtual list)


              The data from the second list yould then be used in a JS or Wizard.


              So with a Standard function you could build a chosing functionality without a form with 2 lists.


              Noticed itstill shows two lists, but ist not possible to add a record to the second list Seems function in broken in AureaCRM.

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                  Michael Obermaier Novice

                  If a capability, that was available in earlier versions of the product, is no longer documented then there are typically two reasons for it:


                  1. this capability has been deprecated
                  2. it is an undocumented feature


                  While the latter case happens very rarely, it is important to state, that as long as the capability is not documented, it is also not officially supported.