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    Enterprise Social Collaboration/Intranet conference recommendations

    julsee Jive SME

      Happy 2018!


      Since there is not going to be a Jiveworld this year, and hence no conference focused specifically on Enterprise Collaboration/Social Intranet, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for any other conferences they have attended or are planning to attend this year on these topics? I know there is the Intranet Reloaded conference in Boston in April and the Enterprise Business Collaborationconference in Berlin in September (both managed by we.conect), and also the CMX Summit, but not sure if anyone has experience with them or with any other conferences on these topics. If I have to choose a conference focused on my discipline or one focused on the products of a company (and we have lost the one that focused on both), at this point I think that the discipline will win out. Any recommendations or feedback on ones you've attended or ones you are planning to attend would be great.


      Thanks in advance...