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    Gamification from Community Has Disappeared

    sfield Novice

      Is anyone else having an issue with gamification and accessing the points within their community? Ours have disappeared completely. Jive's status page says that Jive rewards is operational. Wondering if it is just our instance or if anyone else is having the same experience. I opened a case a week ago about our gamification being paused and haven't heard anything about it.

      Thanks everyone for your input!

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          Jill Ross Intermediate

          Hi Stephanie Field,


          Are you able to see both the Rewards and Reputation tabs on user profile pages?


          I had an issue where Rewards kept popping up in the tabs, but the points meter was at zero. Gamification activity was still showing in the Reputation tab, however, so points and badges were still being earned even though the points meter was not working.


          To fix the issue I just opened a support case and they enabled/disabled a few system properties in the cloud admin:


          I can see this has been recurring issue. I have disabled the jive reward from account cloud installation, and below system properties, I believe it should be disabled.

          PS. I currently set services.playbox.enabled and services.playbox.license.ignore  to be false, so the reward tab can be gone.


          Hope this helps,


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            Jill Ross Intermediate

            Also, I should clarify that we are using AGM/Bunchball and not Rewards.

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                sfield Novice

                Hi Jill Ross


                Thanks for the input! It looks like we had the same issue as you. Our rewards are now working again

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                    mnevill Advanced

                    Our Rewards stopped working too.  Here is what support said:

                    Last month, our Rewards engineers made some changes to the configuration of the various resources that constitute the Rewards Service. The goal was to alleviate point outages (a timeframe when points are not awarded, as awardable events were not recorded) and minimize latency (delay in rewarding points, but awardable events are recorded). While the update has essentially eliminated the potential for outages, there is still the possibility of high latency, from time to time. Moving forward with this concern, I think the best course of action is to monitor any reports of points not being awarded, record the user, action, and date the awardable event took place, but give it a couple days to see if the points ultimately award.

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