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      I am attempting to update a plugin from a previous Jive 7 on-premises install to Jive 9.


      I am getting the following after installing my theme:


      Caused by: com.google.template.soy.sharedpasses.render.RenderException: In template jive.skin.template.main: When evaluating "resourceUrl('/resources/scripts/i18n/keys/' + $displayLanguage + '.js?h=' + $i18nResourceKey)": Attempted to coerce undefined value into a string.


      When I dig into the /var/www directory, there is no longer a en.js file there. Instead, the file is now bundle.js. However, modifying to generate the address as bundle_en.js still shows the same exception. These exception implies to me that $displayLanguage is null.


      Is there a new variable that has replaced $displayLanguage ?