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    Community Site Map


      Does anyone know if there is a quick way to get a structural design of your community site?


      I'm looking for something like a sitemap or hierarchical map of all the places, space, groups, and pages that map up our site.


      I inherited a site and trying to get an idea of the structure.


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          The best place to start on this is to look at the Space structure. Groups are all flat, so you would need to pull in that list separately.  If you go to <<your community>>/places?filterID=all~objecttype~space&itemView=hierarchy , you can view all of the Spaces an Sub-Spaces.


          Projects can be pulled separately, if you Browse > Projects in a List view, you can see where they live.


          I don't know of any way to pull pages.


          Hope that helps!

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              Just a note using the view above is permissions based so unless you are a full admin you may not see everything.  If you do have full access, I would recommend going to Admin Console > Spaces (<<community URL>>/admin/content-main.jsp?communityID=1).  There you can expand all of the + for the subspaces to see everything in one view and either screenshot it or copy and paste the text to Word to manipulate further with bullet points and indentions included. The downside is groups aren't show this way.