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    Jive 8 to 9 migration - issue

    Nidheesh Puthiyadath Beginner

      Dear Team,

      I was trying to migrate jive 8 to jive 9. As part of one of our old feature implementation, I have a method call clearCountCache() which was public method in jive core 8.


      public void clearCountCache(TagSet tagSet, long type) {
      TagSet tagSet2 = tagSet;
      long l = type



      and is private in jive core 9, which has not been used anywhere.


      private void clearCountCache(TagSet tagSet, long type) {

        this.tagSetCountCache.remove(this.createCacheKey(tagSet, -1L));

        this.tagSetCountCache.remove(this.createCacheKey(tagSet, type));



      Can someone tell me what is this method actually do.

      This class is under com.jivesoftware.community.tagset.impl.DbTagSetManager.java