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    Creating list of active users via DES

    mdcohn Novice

      Let's say I essentially want to create a list of all the users who have ever been active in a space--that is, viewed the overview page, as well as any documents, blog posts, or discussions.


      What is the best way to use the DES to do this currently? I believe right now I actually need to do two queries and then collate the information:


      (1) if I filter by destination.name, I can get all the activities in a space. But this will not include viewing the overview page, which I believe is ACTIVITY_VIEW_COMMUNITY.


      To get those activities I also need to (2) separately filter by destinationactionobject.Name


      Then, I need to combine the data to get a list of all active users.


      Is there a simpler way to do this, preferably with a single query?

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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          At a high-level, IMO ... you would just run a standard activity report with a place filter, see Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics), and   add in the restrictions on the specific content-types and object actions you want to include (including ACTIVITY_VIEW_COMMUNITY, which I believe you are correct is the View Overview Page).  Once you've done that, you simply curate a list of all the Actor ID's name...etc.  De-dup and you are solid. 


          I've added this to a new document we are starting here: Data Export Service (DES) - Common Queries (WIP) ... hoping to be able to share some exact queries soon.


          Hope that helps for now.

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              mdcohn Novice

              Apologies for coming back to this so long after you posted your helpful comment. It's been some time since I was trying to solve this problem, but I believe the issue is that ACTIVITY_VIEW_COMMUNITY is an event that is registered not in the place itself, but in the place that contains it.


              E.g., if I have a space "Space" and a subspace "subspace," where there are blog posts, discussions, etc., then those blog view events etc. will be registered in "subspace." And I'll see them if I do a place filter using "subspace." But views of subspace's overview page will actually be ACTIVITY_VIEW_COMMUNITY events in "space." Viewing the overview page of "subspace" doesn't seem to register an event in "subspace."