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    Updated Widget causes " 502 Proxy Error"

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      we have developed a widget within a plugin that we use on the overview page. Everything was working fine on Jive 7 and 8, until we upgraded to Jive 9 (we are hosted). Before upgrading from 8 to 9, we have uninstalled every plugin (as the docs say), then we have done the upgrade (without any exceptions) and reinstalled the (updadet) plugin. Some weird things are going on since then: when accessing our jive instance the first time after finishing the upgrade, everything worked. After installing the plugins and restarted the server, the connection timed out with a 502 proxy error. When removing the widget via admin console -> settings -> widgets -> remove xxx widget, everything works again (https://our-jiveinstance.com/admin and everything else is accessable, https://our-jiveinstance.com/welcome causes the 502 and contains the widget).

      Unfortunately, the log does not contain a single line that would hint me to the right direction. Has anybody experienced such a weird behaviour?

      Ryan Rutan

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          Ryan Rutan Guru
          My guess is that there were some changes made against the plugin/widget (most likely it's the widget) framework (or one of its dependencies, such as FTL/SOY) from Jive 8-9 and as a result...you are getting some run-time error.  I would check the sbs.log and see what the error is telling you.  If you haven't already done so, make sure to update your maven dependencies and the plugin.xml with the min/max Jive versions to reflect Jive 9.  

          Hope that helps.
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              o.wagner Novice

              Hi Ryan, thanks for your reply. The sbs.log, as mentioned in the original post (okay, I didn't specified the word "logs", but I meant the sbs.log ) does not contain any line that would be useful. Neither when installing the plugin, nor when adding it to the overview page.

              Maven dependencies are all up to date for jive 9 and the plugin is compiling successfull. From my pom.xml:


              And from the plugin.xml:



              The really weird thing about it is that on our testing system (also upgraded from 8 to 9), the plugin runs fine and no error occurs. I have just reinstalled the plugin there to make sure to run the same code on both instances...

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              o.wagner Novice

              Found the error that was causing this issue. It was a freemarker error. Using ftls "has_content" expression on a Java null object is not good... Unfortunately this small mistake will bring jive to not render the overview page.