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    How do I start a project created from archType

    bgiaccio Intermediate

      There seems to be a gap in How To: Create a Custom Jive Project

      mvn -U jive:create-project

      cd communityname

      mvn clean install -Djive.setup=false

      That's a great start but there are no directions on how to get up and running:

      • cd run-services; (bash eae-start &) ; bash search-start &
      • cd web; bash cargo-start
        • But that fails, why? because the jive-parent-pom sets cargo.tomcat.home  to tomcat7.home   so this requires 3 more steps
          1. Download the latest tomcat7 Apache Tomcat® - Apache Tomcat 7 Software Downloads
          2. Unpack the file
          3. Edit cargo-start and add "-Dtomcat7.home=<path to unpacked tomcat7"
        • Not really sure why Jive 8 that runs in tomcat 8 is using tomcat 7 in cargo
        • Instead of downloading why not let cargo do manage it for you, if the pom is modified to use:
        • tomcat.version = 8.0.24 which should be put in the parent pom and match what is installed by the RPM for the matching jive version
      • bash cargo-start
      • Create 3 databases (in your local postgres instance for example  communityName, communityName_eae, communityName_analytics)
      • In a browser go to http://localhost:8080
        • Continue
        • Continue
        • Enter Password, Test Connection, Continue
        • Select Database Type, Select Database URL, Enter Username, Enter Password, Test Connection, Continue
        • Change Search Type to On Premise, Continue
        • Skip this Step
      • Back in the terminal Ctrl+C in the window where you ran start-cargo
      • bash cargo-start
      • In a browser go to http://localhost:8080  Jive should now be up and running