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        Libby Taylor Expert

        Hi Shelby, thanks for checking in here! It is a different world managing a Jive community, so I'm very glad you came to us here. If you are unfamiliar with jive, you might actually want to complete the fundamentals training available here: [ARCHIVE] Jive Training . We also have some community manager training available here which is a good place to start: The specified item was not found. .


        Typically community managers have specific pain points they need to solve for, so be sure to bring those up to us. There's so many places to get the answers you need and Sarah O'Meara and I are here to help you!

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          csavoy Novice

          Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya...  Kidding.  My name is Carol Savoy. I am a rank beginner with Jive.  However, I have a fair-sized collection of information--mostly policy, forms, instructions, and procedures--to make available to a large group.  At the outset, I would like to simply arrange the data out so people can find it, but would like to eventually engage my audiences using the collaborative tools that Jive provides.  I also need to weed out a lot of outdated documents from our instance of Jive.


          I appreciate that you are so proactive about training those who seek.

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            Libby Taylor Expert

            Hi Carol SAvoy, we are here to help! Take your time and go through some of the materials in the Onboarding class. I think one of the best uses of Jive is in an "interactive library" function. People can access content, ask questions about it, get updates. This classroom is actually a pretty good example of that.  Feel free to ask questions about anything you have. Welcome to Jive!

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              bekiehogsed Novice

              Hi everyone! My name is Bekie and I’m the (brand new!) Community Manager at Envestnet. I’ve been working with Patty McEnaney for a little over a year, but just recently joined her team full time. I think my top challenge so far is learning new aspects of our own company and about Jive. Patty has been so great about making sure I’m getting a really well rounded guide on how to manage a community. We’ll both be at JiveWorld in a few weeks, and  I really look forward to learning as much as I can!

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                mmaresh@wellmed.net Novice

                Hi All,

                I'm a newbie to Jive, I'm the Provider Marketing Manager for WellMed, a division of Optum. My organization has just started using Jive enterprise wide and I now have my own community.  I'm looking forward to learning all that I can and sharing with my team!

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                  Welcome Bekie! I'm so excited to hear you will be joining us at JiveWorld! You are lucky to have Patty McEnaney as a mentor, she is awesome! I will be at JiveWorld from Sunday afternoon (visit me at the Jive store! ) through Monday for Bootcamp, but unfortunately I won't be around for the rest because I'm getting married that week. Hope to see you there!


                  Let me know if you have any questions about JiveWorks!

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                    Hello Marie! Welcome to Jive . Are you inheriting your community, or building it from scratch? Feel free to post in JiveWorks, everyone here is so incredibly helpful and have been where you are now .

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                      eridgewa Novice

                      Hi All,

                      I am new to Jive as well as my company, Akamai Technologies.  I am a Project Manager and in 2017, my main focus is engaging in the site re-design of our HR community that exists on Jive.  Currently, our HR content has not been up to date or organized in a manner that has been intuitive, easily accessible and searchable by employees.  My top challenge is finding ways that we can increase employee self-service and consumption of information using the Jive platform.  I would love to learn best practices from others who have re-built communities on Jive and look forward to making new connections. 

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                        ashleyholman Novice

                        Hello All-


                        My name is Ashley and in May I will take on the role of community manager at Mylan. I currently work at the company but within a different function. In my community manager role, my main focus will be to manage the platform, train our employees and help facilitate collaboration. As an employee of Mylan I have been very active in the platform, but my biggest question right now is using the system as an administrator. I have been slowly getting into the administration side, but my big introduction to the platform will be in a few weeks at the JiveWorld Conference. I am really looking forward to being there and attending the Jive 101 bootcamp, and of course networking with my peers. Who else is going?


                        I am interested in entering the mentor program, announced above, but have not had a chance to sign up yet.



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                          Libby Taylor Expert

                          Hi Ashley! Welcome to JiveWorks! I'm excited to see that you will be coming to Jive 101, we'll have a lot of good things to cover related to your new journey as a community manager. I can totally understand your challenge with the administration side, I am STILL learning new things in the admin console ever single day! Let me or Sarah O'Meara know if there is a particular topic that is coming up for you, such as setting space permissions or user group permissions., or message templates or system properties, the list goes on and on!

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                            Libby Taylor Expert

                            Hi Erin, welcome! We're excited to have you and believe that your use case is one of the core ways to use Jive. Are you coming to JiveWorld by any chance? Sounds like Jive 101 which is about launching or relaunching a community would be just the thing for you!

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                              Welcome Erin! Rebuilding is a tough job, but you have lots of experts and support in this community to help you! We are excited to have you here. I look forward to chatting with you more! Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding something.

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                                Hello, hello Ashley! It looks like we will get to meet in person at bootcamp . That's awesome you have some time to ease into the role before you take over in May. It's a lot to take in! Le t me know if you have any questions!

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                                  huong_ho888 Novice

                                  Yes, you just mention the key strength of Jive platform, i.e. its search capability.  Welcome aboard eridgewa!  

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