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        lynleeswartz Novice

        Hey all,


        Glad to be joining this class!  I work in Client Services for a Healthcare IT company in Central Indiana and have been here for 3 1/2 years.  My supervisor and I are still in our "beta" for our Jive Community which serves our clients. 


        My biggest challenge so far is all about adoption and enablement.  The clients I have in our community right now have had several weeks to look around, create content, and collaborate with others, but we've had little feedback.  We have a schedule in place to create new content on a weekly basis and have tried @mentioning users in discussions to try and get them more active, but have had little success.  I'm hoping I can get some tips and advice on how to create a more active and engaged community.  Let me know your thoughts on how I can make the community for my clients successful!  Thank you!

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          Libby Taylor Expert

          Hi Lynlee, Welcome!


          What you're saying is exactly the reason we are here to help. What is your key call to get your community members involved... in other words, what's in it for them? What are you asking them to do? It needs to be really compelling. Here's our example in JiveWorks: the only way our customers can set-up their own communities and get support/fixes for their communities is here in JiveWorks. We think that's pretty compelling. Plus, there is a lot of extra reasons to come in, but the primary directive is to set-up their communities and get support.


          I would love to here what your primary directive is for your community members. We can start there!

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            Amy Castillo Novice

            Hi Lynlee - Welcome to the community! I work in Learning and Development for a large healthcare organization - Trinity Health. We have had Jive as a social collaboration tool for about 4 years now - but all of the growth has been through grass-roots methods. The one thing I will tell you that will get them there is for them to see the "value". For people that are not used to social collaboration in business - they really need to see a really cool use case, get involved, get incentives and see others using the tool to get value first. Try focusing on one use case that you can make visible to everyone to show the value. Happy to talk more when you would like about how to get people engaged.

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              Amy Castillo Novice

              Christian - Another learning and development geek here too. We should talk shop - we are getting ready to implement SmarterPath at my company as well. Also there is a community for learning people on JiveWorks as well The specified item was not found.. Welcome to the club!

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                lynleeswartz Novice

                Hi Libby Taylor,


                So, the key purpose is to provide a place for our clients to collaborate with one another.  We provide a cloud platform CRM for our clients and nearly every facet is customizable and there are some dynamic features.  We have found that our clients struggle to implement these customizations or take advantage of these features, either due to lack of skill or time.  So, I'd like for our Jive Community to serve the following purposes:


                - Provide a platform for them to collaborate through self-service to implement these customizations and features as their schedule permits.

                - Serve to be a "resource hub" for future training sessions, webinars, new releases, case studies, best practices, tips and tricks.

                - Serve to be a platform where clients who come to trainings, can start discussions with the trainer in a group format afterward to address ongoing questions.


                At this moment, we only have a small group of 2 user personas in our Community.  Our next round is to invite all users of those 2 personas in the Community, which we are hoping will generate some more activity.   Then, at some point in the relatively-soon future, we'll open it up to all users. 


                I look forward to your thoughts based on the objectives outlined above!  Thank you!

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                  lynleeswartz Novice

                  Hi Amy Castillo,


                  Thanks for your input!  After reading your reply, a few light bulbs went off in my head!  The fact that our clients are not used to social collaboration in business is something that I hadn't really thought about as a challenge, but is most certainly what is happening.  Before implementing our CRM solution, our clients typically use old technology or even paper forms, so they tend to be slow to adapt new technologies.  Your statement about showing them something of value right away, also resonated deeply with me.  I took your feedback and used it to help outline our next round of invites for more users.  I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of progress we can make!

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                    Libby Taylor Expert

                    My guess is that with your use cases you'll need to do some leading to get people to become involved in your community. Some ideas for these kinds of leading activities would be:

                    • Regular blogging or newsletter type updates about your product that they can only get in your community
                    • Post all training resources, session recordings, and documentation (like slides and other materials) within your community before the sessions if possible and after the sessions definitely
                    • Conduct "ask the expert" sessions as events within your community


                    We've got some great tactics that we'll be covering in Jive 101 at JiveWorld17, let me know if you have any interest in attending. You can read more about this session at Learn How to Launch/Relaunch Your Community at Jive 101 Boot Camp | JiveWorld17

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                      lynleeswartz Novice

                      Thanks, Libby Taylor!


                      We've done the first two items and have a fairly decent amount of content.  We are planning on doing an "AMA" type forum, too; just getting folks confirmed first.  I had planned on hopping between the Jive101 and one of the other tracks, so I look forward to learning more in the coming months!

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                        Libby Taylor Expert

                        Fabulous! Hope to see you at JiveWorld, Lynlee!

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                          ydarling Novice

                          Hi everyone!


                          Excited to have found this resource! I'm a brand new baby Community Manager for a super hip and growing software company in NC.

                          My background is in copy writing and marketing for the IT industry, with a specialty in the SMB market.


                          As a first time user of Jive (in any capacity), my biggest challenge is figuring out Jive while putting everything into play and ramp up quickly.

                          I have some experience moderating a community, and I've done research on it- but man, is there a lot to learn.


                          I'm looking forward to seeing if other people ask questions that I didn't know I even had yet- as well as getting to ask the questions I definitely already have.


                          Looking forward to learning about the platform and how to make it work for our needs- Hoping to learn quickly


                          Thanks everyone!



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                            Hi Yum! Welcome to JiveWorks! I was also completely new to Jive relatively recently and I totally understand where you are coming from. It's a LOT to take in, but it'll soon become second nature . JiveWorks definitely helped with the process and the people in this community are incredibly helpful and friendly. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, I definitely recommend starting with One Stop Doc for JiveWorks New Member Onboarding : Tips and Tricks Directory to see where to start, or One Stop Doc for Building Your Jive Skills if you are looking for something specific (or looking for something you didn't know you didn't know how to do!). If you have any questions at all, please feel free to post the question in this onboarding group, or message Libby Taylor or I.


                            I look forward to seeing you around the community!



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                              Libby Taylor Expert

                              Ditto what Sarah O'Meara said! She started from zero in October 2016 and she's doing fantastic! There's so many learning opportunities in JiveWorks, it's all a question of what you put into it. Good luck and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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                                ydarling Novice

                                Thanks Sarah O'Meara!


                                I checked out the new member onboarding document when I was lurking last week I will definitely check the skills one next.


                                I'm not shy, so you'll definitely hear from me if I'm lost/have questions/etc


                                Thanks for the reply



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                                  shelbykhan Novice



                                  I'm Shelby Khan and I'm a new community manager for Nimble Storage. My experience is all about the social channels, so while I have always worked with the community team this is my first time managing the program.


                                  We are in the process of migrating from hosted to cloud so I'm a learning a little of both as I go. The good news, I'm not alone for our team.


                                  I would love recommendations for tips and tricks, guides for getting started, and general best practices that community managers know (and I don't). Thanks in advance! This is a great group and I'm excited to be part of it.

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                                    Hi Shelby!


                                    Welcome to JiveWorks! I'm glad to hear you aren't alone on your team, and we are here for you as well (the community, not just me ). To get you started, I recommend checking out the One Stop Doc for JiveWorks New Member Onboarding : Tips and Tricks Directory or skimming the One Stop Doc for Building Your Jive Skills for what you'd like to learn.


                                    And of course, if you haven't already - take a look atThe specified item was not found. for how to utilize this onboarding class and feel free to post questions here or message my fellow JiveWorks community manager Libby Taylor or myself.


                                    Have fun with it!

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