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        Libby Taylor Expert

        Hey everyone, let's get you chatting about something easy and fun... see Let's get talking! What books do you recommend (on any topic)?

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          huong_ho888 Novice

          The first scene is like what we are witnessing for the last 6 weeks.  The second scene is like tonight speech going forward.  So glad that you had a very eventful vacation. 

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            stanley.rosenberg Novice



            I just starting working at a small therapeutics company called Intarcia.  I am the Senior manager of Training operations.  Basically I make sure we have all the tools needed for training to occur including administering our LMS.  There are many ways to get and share information which is outside the scope of training.  I am hoping to use Jive to communicate  key information, share best practices and use the group site as an informal training vehicle i.e. check out this video... 


            My top question is how can I learn to build my group  (web page) so that it looks good and has the needed functionality.  I am struggling to find this basic information.


            What I hope to get out of this collaborative classroom experience are tips, tricks and useful features that I can utilize that are not well publicized.

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              Libby Taylor Expert

              Hi Stan, what your talking about is what we call social learning. You know, you could use the [Archived] The Onboarding Class as an example of a good template for a learning/training place. We worked with several of our customers who also run learning programs through their Jive community to make sure we were hitting the mark for how we presented information and what to present.


              Your first steps to building a place in my mind would be:


              This should be a good place to start! Let me know if you have any questions.

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                madoree Novice

                Hello Libby Taylor


                Role in my Community: I'm the Internal Communications Manager at Medallia, a Silicon Valley company that creates enterprise software that improves the customer experience. On our Jive intranet, called The Loop, I manage our overall homepage editorial calendar and assist each of our space community administrators to maintain a healthy adoption and engagement for the respective spaces.  


                My top challenge: While I'm not new to intranets, I am new to Jive. There is a learning curve to understand for how each feature can work best for different use cases. In addition, the company uses many tools across the organization so migration and general adoption to make Jive the optimal "one stop shop" is tricky.


                What you hope to get out of this collaborative classroom experience: I'd like to ensure I'm growing my network and learning best practices from everyone participating to meet our team's overall goals and succeed in our vision for The Loop.

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                  heatherw Novice

                  Helllooo Class of 2017!


                  I'm Heather, I'm the IT Manager at a smallish company that makes custom hair color - eSalon.  We're just starting to get into Jive and it's my first experience with this platform so I'm looking forward to absorbing as much as possible and bring it to all the folks at my company.


                  My biggest challenge at the moment is getting through the onslaught of onboarding materials!  Once I can cull that a bit, I hope to give recommendations to the internal team here on what they should review to make the platform a success. 


                  No immediate questions, but glad to be here.

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                    Libby Taylor Expert

                    Welcome Madoree! I think we are definitely going to be able to help you here. You can begin by connecting to others here in this onboarding group and I suggest that you head over to Jive Internal Communities and get to know the folks there as well. We have a very vibrant community of people and I can attest that you get what you put into it.


                    You mentioned that it's hard to get full adoption to Jive when there are so many other tools to use. You hit on a major truth there. What I've found is that when you have that situation, you need to find those key activities in which you can ONLY use Jive and then really drive that activity home. Feel free to tell us more about what you are seeing by either starting a new discussion in [Archived] The Onboarding Class or even a discussion in Internal Communities. You're going to get a lot of support here. Cheers!

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                      Libby Taylor Expert

                      Welcome Heather! I love eSalon and have walked through the color matching system multiple times just for fun. One thing I know about Jive... it's such a different way of doing things, of getting stuff done, that there's no way to avoid the fire hose of information. Take your time. Ask questions, you are definitely not alone. Asking questions can get you answers faster than searching sometimes, so please feel free to speak up if you need help or a pointer for how to get around.

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                        heatherw Novice

                        Feel free to visit us if you're ever in Los Angeles!  We have a salon on site and our color experts can talk through all those different colors if you're considering. 


                        And yes, "fire hose of information" is on the nose.  I'll keep it in mind to ask questions as I dig deeper.  Thanks!

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                          Christian Mueller Novice

                          Greetings from Christian, based in Erding, Germany - a small town near Munich, although I was orginally born and raised in Berlin, graduating German-American-Highschool, John F. Kennedy,. Class of `83 --- YES - I am that old :-)


                          We are delivering digital interactive and game-based-learning to a number of larger corporate and upper mid-market customers across Europe, Middle East and also Asia for the last 9 years and are now working with a social learning partner of JIVE, Pokeshot from Berlin Germany.


                          I am seeing a lot of interest from my clients to get to the next stage of integrated social learning and digital knowledge management and looking forward to learn more about JIVE this year.


                          So thank you for having me in JIVEworks.

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                            huong_ho888 Novice

                            Welcome aboard @Madoree!

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                              huong_ho888 Novice

                              Welcome aboard Heather Watson!

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                                Welcome Christian! We look forward to seeing you around and let us know what you think of the onboarding classroom! Please let me or Libby Taylor know if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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                                  Libby Taylor Expert

                                  Welcome Christian! You might already be aware, but we will be hosting a learning and development track at JiveWorld this year. The details will be posted on the web site in the next few weeks. Be sure to check it out! Let us know if you have any questions at any point.

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