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        ashleyholman Novice

        Thank you Sarah, see you at bootcamp!

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          ashleyholman Novice

          Thank you, Libby, I am looking forward to meeting you next week.

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            lkessler10 Novice

            Hi Everyone,


            Lee Kessler checking in...I'm going to be the Jivemeister for Analytic Partners, based in NYC.  We have 8 offices worldwide.  We plan to designate a local Jivemeister in each office.  I'll be creating and delivering Jive-N training for those local champions.


            Our current intranet has almost no functionality (post something - comment on a post).  Consequently, the old intranet is not culturally ingrained the way we want the new one to be.  So, in managing the Jive roll-out, I'm also managing the beginning of a cultural change.


            For this reason, we're thinking of using only a subset of Jive features in the initial roll-out.  (For example, we'll be disabling Projects at first.)  I'd welcome your reaction to this approach and, if you think it's workable, your suggestion on which features could be held back for later release.


            As a secondary benefit, the subsequent roll-outs of features will create meaningful activity in Jive, helping to get people acclimated to the idea that the platform is much more dynamic and usable than before.  Have you heard of other companies doing an incremental roll-out in this way?


            Anyway, my goals for the training are to prepare me for the above scenario, or something like it.


            Many thanks to Sarah, who helped me when I had a problem logging in.  Sarah, your prompt assistance helped me retain momentum - much appreciated!  Have fun at Jive World... I wish I could go.


            Thanks Libby,



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              Patty McEnaney Beginner

              Hi Lee,


              Welcome. So happy you are joining us in the JiveWorks community and that you are posting in the "Onboarding Class of 2017" space, where I also have a new community manager Bekie Hogsed participating.


              First, let me encourage you to complete your profile so we can see your picture and so your name is reflected.Have you updated your privacy so that others can see your name in JiveWorks? I am very interested in your approach to rolling out your community. We did not widely offer Projects to all employees, instead focusing on those employees who worked on creating release notes for our firm's technology product. Those individuals received special permissions to be able to go to the Projects area. As far as your phased basis on other issues, I would love to hear what other community managers would counsel. I also encourage you to read Dan Thomas's three-part post on Using email to drive adoption & understand your people (pt.3) . You MUST come to Jive World next year. You learn so much. Best of luck. Staying in touch with the community is a great way to build knowledge and relationships.

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                Welcome aboard Lee! Glad to see you in the community! I'm glad your momentum wasn't dampened. It's always a bummer when you get excited for something and then get abruptly stopped in your tracks by something out of your control.


                It is great to see you coming into this with a plan.  I recommend posting this question in The specified item was not found. to get even more feedback from experienced community managers who have been through a similar scenario and saying hello there too!


                Look forward to seeing you around the community! Let me know if you have any specific questions

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                  Libby Taylor Expert

                  Welcome Lee, you are in the right place for your questions and now have a wealth of information at your finger tips! I agree with Patty, I know many companies that take a phased approach to rolling out features. Jive is such a rich experience and like rich food, if you eat too much too fast, you can feel a little stuffed. You can tailor the experience for your users by reducing the number of things they can do at the same time driving more focus to your key use cases. Also, I'm so glad Sarah O'Meara was able to help you resolve your login issue. Cheers!

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                    lkessler10 Novice

                    Thanks Sarah,


                    I followed your recommendation and posted in the Internal Communities group.  In doing so, I encountered the biggest problem I have with Jive:


                    I always feel lost. I don't know how to navigate back to a previous location.  I had trouble getting back to this page.


                    This is the thing I worry about most.  I can't roll this out to users until I can explain to them how to navigate.  Places don't appear on a ubiquitous menu bar and I don't know what to look for.  I signed up for Onboarding training, but I can't find my way back to it. 


                    Any tips & tricks on navigating will be much appreciated.



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                      It's like drinking from the firehose, isn't it? I was in the same boat several months ago when I first joined. It was overwhelming, but I learned to focus on the places that were important to me, like how I know what kind of book I'm looking for before I go to the library otherwise I am so overwhelmed by all the sections and options.


                      Some tips I have is: take advantage of the search bar! If you remember the title, keywords or people involved in the conversation you will usually be able to find your content without a problem. In the search bar you can also view popular places you visit, history of the last places / content you viewed under the History tab and view bookmarks under the Bookmark tab. I used bookmarks a lot when I first started for important content that I wanted to revisit.




                      I recommend started out in one or two places and exploring as you become more comfortable, rather than trying to drink it all in at once. JiveWorks has grown over the years into a bustling hub, so it is better to take it in small chunks and visit places that are meaningful to you.  As Libby said, starting out with limiting your users is a great way to get them using the important features first and then slowly introducing more flexibility as they grow familiar with the platform. Jive has an incredible amount of functionality and uses, which can be overwhelming if you try to use them all!


                      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions .

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                        sandra.e.marini Intermediate



                        My name is Sandra and I have recently started a new role and will be championing Jive.  I am a great fan having used it really successfully in a previous role but that was three years ago and things seem to have changed (widgets to tiles).  My first biggest personal challenge will be to re-learn the functionality and what can be done and how the old functionality I used can be replicated (the 'recent activity' widget was a favourite of mine.  And next, as with most, engaging my various audiences and ensuring they understand the benefits of this platform and how we can best use it.


                        Glad to join you all.


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                          Welcome back Sandra! It's rough coming back to find everything is different, but at least you have an idea about what you can do (even if the process is a little different!). If you have any questions or "I think I was able to do that before.. can I do it now?" moments, feel free to reach out to me or post in The specified item was not found.

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                            sandra.e.marini Intermediate

                            thanks Sarah O'Meara.  I am sure I will be in touch. 

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                              sunny_sharma369 Novice

                              Hi Everyone, My name is Suresh, a Manager, Business Consultant with an IT Company. I've recently signed up to this platform and looking forward to connecting with Jive users and partners.




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                                Libby Taylor Expert

                                Welcome, Suresh! If you have any questions about your use case for community or need to talk to an expert, please let us know!

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                                  Welcome to JiveWorks, Suresh! I'm also a community manager for JIveWorks along with Libby, so if you have questions I am also available

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