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    Dealing with Cheaters (in Rewards)

    tmaurer Jive SME

      OK, so day one in Cloud, having migrated also from BunchBall to Rewards, and we had a workgroup who all decided to cheat together.


      What we've done:

      • Confronted them individually
      • Reduced their individual points back to 0, with a warning that second time they are caught they are banned from the game
      • Posted a blog calling for people to follow our value statement of "doing the right thing" and don't cheat


      What we can't find a way to do:

      • Reduce their levels within missions


      Anyone else run into this and have suggestions about ways to address it? For example, is there a way to drop the mission levels for a user to 0? I don't see anything in the Rewards console, but maybe there is another way (creative or using support) to accomplish it that I'm not thinking of.