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    Community-wide points: Incentive without degradation

    mikhaillenko Novice

      Hi fellow community managers,


      I've shamelessly stolen an idea from a video game, and would like Jive to create this functionality if it doesn't already exist; and if it does already exist, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could indicate how I could do this:


      "So what's the point of Jive points?" you might have heard someone say. There are many ways (infinite?) to give these points meaning, but they all operate on a 10,000 year old dynamic, money: do this, you get a token, and redeem the token for something you want. That's fine—a bit uninspired perhaps, but fine nonetheless.


      So here's the great idea that I stole: Community points. If there were a way to track community-wide points, instead of saying "Jim, you earned 1,850 points, so you can afford the Nalgene for 1,500 points", we would say "team, since our company has hit it's goal of earning 1,500,000 points over the past month, we will hold a happy hour in the common area where our President will arm wrestle our CEO, just as we promised."


      There are loads of psychological and financial reasons this is an awesome thing to pursue, but since I'm not a psychologist or rich person I'll spare you the confusion. I don't think this would be a big lift; however, in addition to being a non-psychologist and non-rich-person, I'm also a non-computer-programmer.