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    Disable Mobile Home page

    niharika1108 Advanced

      Hello Team,


      I would like to know if there is any option available to disable the Mobile Home page and showing the web home page on mobile's browser. If so How?




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          christinamodel Novice

          Hello Team,


          are there any news on this issue?


          Kind regards


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            Hi Niharika Kanwar and Christina Model - I'm guessing you are both on either v8 or Cloud.  Starting with v8 (and the last few versions of Cloud) our mobile web experience has been responsive when using tiles and certain pages.  That means if you are still using the widgetized overview page as your homepage, the mobile homepage automatically kicks in so that your community members CAN see the homepage on a mobile browser.  That's because widgets are not responsive. 


            The only way to step away from the mobile homepage experience is to move from your widgetized overview page as your homepage as switch to the News page as your homepage.  At that point, because the News page uses tiles, it is already responsive and there is no need for a separate mobile homepage.


            For those of you about to upgrade from an older version to v8, or are moving from hosted / on-prem to Cloud - don't forget to configure your mobile homepage (it's super easy) if you are sticking with the overview page as your homepage.  That way you know that your mobile browser users will have the optimal experience.