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    Following a space

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      Hey all!


      I'm in the same boat as many others in trying to create a mission to follow a certain space (Keith Freeman)


      I've referenced this article: Cheatsheet: Metadata for specific custom missions  that was put together by Megan Truett. (I would have posted a comment on the document, but for some reason it wouldn't let me)


      The final row is supposedly how to configure a mission to follow a space using the "StreamAssociationEvent-FOLLOW" trigger with certain metadata put in there. I've tried creating this trigger, and applying my specific metadata, but the mission still doesn't work. Can anyone verify this trigger works? Am I entering something in wrong?


      Should the metadata be:  type: space ID   (no container needed before type? is that a space between space and ID?)   containerID:<my space id>


      Thanks for the help!