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    Reason for omitting Follow feature from native applications?

    ositton Beginner


      We're in process of qualifying the native application for iOS (to work with our enterprise Jive 6 backend). We found that the Follow feature is not available at all. Looking at the Jive Mobile Product Comparison Matrix, we see that the Follow feature is included in the features list of the Jive 3.x for iOS only if the backend is 7+ and is not included at all with Android based version... This is opposed to the fact that this key feature is included in the Mobile Web offering and also was part of Mobile 2 products (also when backend is Jive 6).


      Our users are already using Mobile Web. The motivation to enable them access to the native application versions comes from the richer features set of the native app and the overall better user experience. Our concern that our users will be very disappointed when they hear that such an important feature has been taken away and part of them even will reject the adoption of the native app...


      What is the reason/logic behind the decision that the Follow feature is limited to Jive 7+, in the iOS case, and not available at all in the Android version?



      - Oded.