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    Which URL schemes does Jive for Mobile support?

    Ben Zweig Intermediate

      Anuj Verma and all,


      I'm a big fan of Launch Center Pro on my iPhone, which I use for task automation. The app supports hundreds of third-party apps and actions using URL schemes, such as launching Google Maps with particular map coordinates. I've determined that Jive for Mobile uses the scheme jivecore, which is used on the mobile redirection page. Here, the parameter instanceUrl is used to pass on the instance information to the app so it can open the app with the right community pre-selected.


      I'm wondering if there are other parameters such as "user ID" or "groupID" that would help me automate with the Jive app. For example, I might want to create an action that opens the Jive app with the contents of my clipboard in a new status update.


      Here's more info about the schemes, and details for submitting to Launch Center Pro's giant list of supported apps: Integration for App Developers – Contrast Tech Support