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    Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!


      Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce yourself!

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          Thank you for setting up the group.


          I set up Sprint's external community, Buzz About Wireless, in 2007.  Last year, I oversaw the migration to Jive.  Now I manage online content and personalization for online self service.  Basically, I'm tasked with finding content to help our users answer their questions online, either through support articles or community posts.


          I'm looking forward to hear what others community managers are doing to maintain the health and vitality of their communities.

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            daniel.marotta Advanced

            Hi Gia,


            I'm Dan Marotta, community manager for PTC's customer community. Looking forward to meeting other external community managers.



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              Hello—I manage the Thinkfinity Community, an external community for educators, parents, school administrators, and students over 13. The Verizon Thinkfinity program offers outstanding free educational resources, and the community offers a place to discuss and share ideas about resources, educational topics, and more.


              Looking forward to sharing ideas here!



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                Hi Christine,


                Welcome, and thank you for introducing yourself!



                from my iPhone

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                  Hi Gia, my name is Laura Kelso, and I'm the global community manager at HomeAway, Inc. I wondered if you might be able to point me to a standard set of community guidelines? We're in the midst of developing ours, and I thought that jive might have a "best practice" template, or something along those lines.

                  Many thanks!

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                    [Maybe this response should be branched.]



                    For my site we have detailed Terms of Use and very much shorter summary Guidelines.  Both are considered legal documents (the guidelines are more formal than I'd prefer).  Here are our guidelines.

                    Best regards,



                    [Name] is an online community where authorized [company] users communicate, collaborate, and discover [stuff] and new ways to utilize [company] [product].  When using the site, please adhere to the Terms of Use as well as the following guidelines:

                    1.       Be yourself – share ideas, not passwords.

                    You may log in to [name] with your personal user name and password only – these can’t be shared.  Promptly let us know of any changes to your information or employment status.


                    2.       Be nice – keep postings appropriate.

                    We’re all colleagues here, so keep interactions professional!  Engage carefully: text-based communication doesn’t always accurately convey emotions like sarcasm or humor.


                    3.       Be topical – and true to the Site’s intended purposes.

                    Stay relevant.  If you want to change subjects mid-thread, start a new one.  No recruiting, soliciting, or commercial activities are allowed. 


                    4.       Be Smart – what you share is public and what you see is not guaranteed.

                    Don’t share information that you wouldn’t share publicly at, say, [conference].  By posting, you give us full rights to that content.  And, what you download is at your own risk.  We aren’t responsible for the accuracy of any information shared on the site.  [Company] welcomes your ideas, but keep in mind our [type of] plans are dependent on a number of factors, and may change at any time.


                    5.       Do your part – help keep the site safe.

                    Don’t upload, link to, or otherwise share any potentially harmful or destructive files, code, or programs.


                    6.       Don’t share or use any restricted content – respect others’ privacy and property and your obligations.

                    Don’t post, share, download or use licensed or personal content, pricing, confidential, proprietary or protected information without permission.  Double check documents, images, and screenshots to ensure they don’t contain [type of] information, or restricted content from partner vendors such as [vendor], [vendor], or [vendor].


                    7.       Stay on your toes – our terms are subject to change.

                    [company] reserves the right to change the site’s terms, policies, and guidelines at any time upon posting to the site.


                    8.       Have fun – and keep us posted.

                    We welcome feedback and look forward to hearing about how the site can help improve your organization’s [goal]!

                    [Company]'s online administrators have a right but not a responsibility to monitor the site.  If you object to any content, please refer to our Copyright Policy and Notice and Procedures for Making a Complaint Regarding Content.  If you see a violation of these guidelines or the Terms of Use, please click the “Report abuse” button, or email your concerns to [x@x.com].   Any user who fails to comply with the site’s guidelines and terms may have their content removed and their accounts temporarily disabled or permanently terminated.  Please help keep our community a safe and fun place to exchange information and ideas.



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                      Hi Laura, and welcome! For external-facing communities, I tend to see general guidelines for members, and more specific guidelines for employees who participate in them. Here are a few examples for employees who participate in social media - some of them can certainly be applied to a dedicated external community:


                      Ford Social Media Guidelines

                      IBM Social Computing Guidelines


                      For your owner and traveler community members, you'll want to make the guidelines more inviting to read, and much simpler to ingest by just browsing them. Depending on the tone of your community, you could, for example, borrow from Everything I Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, or from other social networking sites such as Flickr Community Guidelines.


                      If you need to take a more professional tone, check out 10. B. in Linkedin's Do's and Don'ts for examples.

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                        Hi Suzanne,

                        Thanks so much. Your guidelines are great - straightforward and succinct.

                        Hugely helpful...

                        Thanks again,

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                          Great info, Gia. Many thanks. Especially appreciate you highlighting the distinction between the guidelines for external-facing communities and those for internal employees. Extremely helpful examples, too.

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                            My name is Jean-Julien. I work for sid lee Montreal (Canada). I am community manager and brand monitoring analyst for Sid Lee Brands.

                            We have implemented Jive SBS last year but have really big challenges of adoption.

                            I am looking for any good ideas, documents etc that could help me in my daily tasks.

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                              Thanks, Gia.  My name is Donna Garber. I am a Collaboration and Social Learning Program Manager at Hitachi Data Systems. We currently use Jive internally but are preparing to launch it externally sometime this year. (2011)

                              I want to stay connected to this group to learn and avoid pitfalls, if possible.   My first challenge is to evangelize the benefits of collaboration to my own department, the Learning organization, and start to identify successes that will help me spread the word.

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                                Jean-Julien, I am interested in knowing more about the really big challenges of adoption you are experiencing.  Can you elaborate? 

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                                  To start:

                                  I do not succeed in making my colleagues (350) understood benefits of Jive SBS.

                                  They do not wnat to change the way they work because it works properly with outlook+internally datastorage.

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                                    trishaliu Advanced

                                    Hello Jean-Julien and welcome to Donna!


                                    Jean-Julien, thank you for sharing your current adoption challenges. Regarding your colleagues, are there current pain points in their work process that the Jive SBS implementation can help address?


                                    For example, one of our pain points was 'information is out there somewhere, but it is hard to find.' Using Jive helps ease this pain point by making information central, indexed and searchable.


                                    If you can identify specific scenarios that colleagues are facing and how usage of Jive can make the process easier, this could be a big help.





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