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    Welcome to AureaWorks: Introduce Yourself!

    Libby Taylor Expert

      Hey everyone!


      Welcome to the virtual onboarding place for new AureaWorks community members. This is where you will get comfortable using Jive, navigating the AureaWorks community, and progressing through your own learning experience as a new Aurea team member.


      Our goal here is to make you successful in your own communities by:

      • Teaching you the things you need to know as you ramp-up with one (or more) of our products
      • Providing you with key information that you can read at your leisure (or as you need it)
      • Connect you to experts who can help you work through some of your unique product challenges


      Tell us about yourself

      Let us know what you are here to accomplish by replying in a comment below. Consider telling us:

      • Your role in your own community / with an Aurea product
      • Your top question or challenge you hope to have answered
      • What you hope to get out of AureaWorks



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          Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, and I'm a community manager for Jive Software.  Not only am I pretty new to the company, but I'm new to the Jive platform as well. So far it's going well, and I look forward to talking with more of you in the coming months!


          For my first question... I have none. Do people usually have a burning question straight off the bat?

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            marjoriewebb Novice

            Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this proof of concept.

            Role in my Community:

            I am the content and training manager for AHEAD, a midsize data center consulting company. While involved at the beginning of our Jive implementation in January 2015, I was quickly pulled out to focus full-time on our Brainshark LMS, which was being implemented at the same time.

            While always peripherally aware of Jive and how we were using it, I haven’t developed a high-proficiency—particularly in creating and populating spaces/places. (Or frankly, even feeling I fully understand spaces, places, and other nomenclature/concepts.)

            Over the last few months there has been some interest from management in improving internal communications, but not necessarily an understanding that Jive is the tool for that. (Jive is being used here primarily as a document repository and distribution tool.) I believe Jive has the potential to meet all these needs, plus be integrated somehow in my learning management strategy to take onboarding to the next level. My manager (the HR director) agrees and this is one of my goals for 2017. To that end, I have become more involved in the JiveWorks community, as well as the local Chicago user group.

            My top challenge:

            Bringing my Jive skills to the level they should be, gaining a facility and comfort in using the tool to organize and build content within the site.

            What you hope to get out of this collaborative classroom experience:

            For AHEAD to use Jive more fully, we need what I think of as a re-launch. By participating in this proof of concept, I hope not only to solidify my skills, but to get a plan for how to successfully onboard new and existing employees.

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              Libby Taylor Expert

              HI Marjorie Webb,

              What a great intro! It really gives me a lot of ideas about how we can help you and what we can do in our next steps to build up the onboarding program:

              • Jive Skills training: Spaces vs. groups, differences between the content types and when to use them, administration (site wide and space/group admin) etc.
              • Key use cases (both internal and external) such as employee comms, employee onboarding, customer support, and partner enablement... and how to make them successful
              • Community evolution: launching, relaunching, and ongoing maturity


              I urge you to review the The specified item was not found. to see how you'd like to approach what we have offered in this onboarding classroom. I suspect that you might already have a lot of the bases covered since you have been using Jive since 2015. While you do that, I can continue to build up the program related to skills training and the other bullets posted above.



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                Paul Wascher Novice

                Hi Everyone, I'm Paul Wascher and I have mostly Strategic responsibilities around our new installation of Jive (which we call TheHub). I work for a small global automotive company that perhaps you might have heard of - Ford Motor Company.


                We launched Jive in mid-December 2016 - right before the holiday's and we are still in what I would describe as our Soft-Launch phase. We are still working to fill-out the community so that there is something here for everybody when we officially open the doors.


                My Top Challenge would be how to deal with the "chicken and the egg" situation of getting enough people engaged in the community and creating content (and seeing value) as we build out the community from the ground up. And how to we keep people interesting in using and contributing and coming back to TheHub, even though we are still in the early launch stages. I want these early adopters to be our future Advocates and I need them active and "geeked" about the benefits of the tool.

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                  Libby Taylor Expert

                  Hi Paul!


                  Welcome to the onboarding class! We are all here to help you get started and answer your questions. I know you have a great implementation team and I think we can add to what they have to offer by telling you about our real-world experiences of bringing a community up to speed.


                  I like to think that community success is tied to "how to get things done" in the community. So if the only way to get something done is in your community, then it's simply more likely to be successful. As far as content goes, if there is anything you feel you can leverage for your own users' onboarding, feel free to leverage it. There's always a way to cut and paste a doc and then make it your own for your own community. I know many of our communities do just that for their help or how-to docs.


                  Also, if you think your advocates could benefit from joining JiveWorks, please let us know. We can send them a group invite and get them registered and on their way! Feel free to spread the word!

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                    cathyjliu Intermediate

                    Hi everyone,

                    Role in my Community:

                    I am a Community Manager, managing an external community on Jive Cloud.  I used to manage a hosted version of Jive two years ago.

                    My top challenge:

                    Introduce new functionalities of Jive and inspire both employees and external members to engage and collaborate at ease in the Jive environment.

                    What you hope to get out of this collaborative classroom experience:

                    I want to refresh my Jive skills and learn all the new capabilities of Jive Could.

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                    • 7. Re: Introduce Yourself!
                      Libby Taylor Expert

                      Welcome Cathy Liu!

                      We've got a lot in the community that can help you with your goals. Besides the basic onboarding content available here in this class, be sure to check out the [ARCHIVE] Jive External Communities peer-to-peer help group as well as the Customer Hub where you can find a lot of good information in the Cloud Release Center: https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/customers/pages/cloud-releases .


                      If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them in this group or contact me or Sarah O'Meara. We want to be sure you are up and running before sending you off into the JiveWorks world!

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                        Cathy Liu and I met at the Bay Area user group! She's awesome

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                          cathyjliu Intermediate

                          Thank you, Sarah, for your kind words.  Look forward to learn lots from you and Libby.

                          • 10. Re: Introduce Yourself!

                            I've been so impressed how you jumped straight into the community and started learning. It's very inspiring! I hope we get to chat some more at a future Bay Area User group!

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                              kristengastaldo Beginner

                              Hello Everyone!


                              I'm Kristen, and I manage the community for Alfresco. We're an open source software company (for content management and business processes), and the community is for all of our users, customers, and partners. It's primarily a developer community, but we do have the potential for end users to join eventually. It's a tricky mix, as we have a free product (open source community edition), as well as an enterprise versions. Both versions (of 2 products) are used/sold and marketed by our partners.


                              We've recently (Sept) migrated from a mix of sites - a wiki, Wordpress blogs, and Drupal forums. Our forums had been overrun by spam, and without a full time CM, a lot of the users abandoned the space. We're working now to recover our users and create a space with meaningful content and interactions for them. After that, it's all about growth - engaging with our current users and increasing the amount of developers developing with Alfresco software in general.


                              We have a handful of challenges!

                              • Migrated Content - We migrated in 70k pieces of content and profiles so my community has a lot of messy data. We need to remove all the inactive accounts and really outdated resources. Because moving content is counted as activity, I'm kind of at a clean up impasse here. We will be working with out IT to kill all the inactive accounts that have no content associated with them.
                              • Reporting - Some of this ties back to the above. I'm struggling with the reporting. I need to see how many people join per month, how many people are active per month, how many new topics are created and what % of those are answered/responded to. These seem pretty simple, but I'm struggling. I also want to see if the same people are coming back - if the same users are active month over month.


                              This is my first Jive community, so I'm really looking to master the platform, as it's my responsibility to be the authority in the company on it! I've used GetSatisfaction and Small World Labs (with a tiny bit of Lithium) in my past, but I'm new to Jive.


                              I also work remote, with no other community managers on my team, so I'd love to collaborate on best practices and share ideas.

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                                howardbrande16 Novice



                                My name is Howard Brande (obviously), I am currently the Project Manager for VA Pulse support which is the Department of Veterans Affairs instance of Jive. Used as an internal tool ,VA Pulse fosters communication, collaboration, innovation and the sharing of best practices across the VA enterprise.


                                I would say my biggest challenge/goal is increasing engagement and user activity. Getting folks to not just register and login but to become active, contributing members of the community. That being said I am always open to hearing about best practices and creative outside the box ways to foster that, especially from other government folks.

                                • 13. Re: Introduce Yourself!
                                  Libby Taylor Expert

                                  Welcome Kristen Gastaldo! We can definitely help you here. Right now, this classroom is primary geared towards getting new community members in the right places and learning about this community and how Jive works. get it? JiveWorks. Nice, right?


                                  I know we can help you and it's hard for me to hold back and not to jump in and start explaining it all right away! Also, many of us work remotely, so feel free to use this community as your new "family". We truly do feel like family after awhile! And I recommend the Jive 101 Boot Camp at JiveWorld17 which I also head up... we will be teaching a ton of things about managing a community with real activities to assist your learning.


                                  Let us know if you have any questions as you move through this space or the community at large.

                                  • 14. Re: Introduce Yourself!
                                    Libby Taylor Expert

                                    Welcome, welcome Howard! We love the VA, so I'm very happy to have you here. Engagement and user activity is key for everyone, so we can definitely help you there. Here's my homework assignment for you... tell me what your top 3 use cases are in your community and your current calls to action for them. If you don't have the answer for that... let's work on the answer together! For some additional guidance, see Defining Your Use Cases . Cheers!

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