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    Search Between Jive and Office 365

    kiritharan Novice

      Hi All,


      I have couple of question's about search between Jive and Office 365.

      I knew that any documents that stored in O365 can be searched from Jive only if there is an integration between Jive group and that particular Office 365 Teams site.


      But how about, if there is no mapping between Jive group and Office 365, then are we able to search contents created in Office 365 in Jive?

      (Just having Jive-Office 365 integration is sufficient enough to search Office 365 contents in Jive without any mapping)


      As well as, are we able to search documents stored in Jive from Office 365 search component using Jive as a external content source?





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          The way that the current integration works is that you can search and discover documents from SharePoint online, only if these were created as Jive documents by the integration.

          That means, it is working as you described it, and if a document was not synced to Jive from SharePoint online, it will not show up in the Jive search.


          We are planning to provide a federated search experience in Jive to allow you to search over all the documents in SharePoint online, regardless of the fact if there were synced to Jive or not, but that is not yet available.


          Are you looking for search results from SharePoint online in particular, or other applications within O365?


          BTW, such question are better asked in the Microsoft space.




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