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    Cloud Rewards versus Nitro Gamification

    buckbard Novice

      I'm confused on the difference between the new "Cloud Rewards" system and the existing Nitro Gamification.   When I read the following:


      Jive Rewards


      I see described a parallel game mechanics system.   This seems like it only makes sense if Jive is replacing the Bunchball add-in.  Can anyone help me figure this out?

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          It's an alternative to Bunchball

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            The big change is that basic rewards (points, levels) that have existed in our product since inception just got updated.

            The most recent improvements:

            • A new style, new functionality (better tracking of points, levels).
            • Better integration to on-boarding new users (getting started is customizable).
            • Directing power users (advocates) with specific tasks within Jive. 

            Users of advanced gamification still have it and the ability to tie into other systems.

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              tiffaniallen Advanced

              Buck Bard, in addition to Rewards being introduced as a replacement for Jive's ooto point system, I also wonder if Jive will scale back on BB/Nitro support and product management. Enhancements and bug fixes for BB were noticeably absent in Jive 8.


              If anyone has a gap analysis on BB's gamification extension for Jive and Jive Rewards across ootb features, functionality, customization, analytics, and even nomenclature I'd be interested (or if there's a document in the works). I understand Jive's current partnership with BB may prevent them from delivering this comparison, but I also don't want to assume that both products are apples to apples.


              Without visibility into Rewards and gamification heavily threaded in our community, both globally and several department/space-specific strategies, I've identified the following gaps. Again, still assessing, learning, etc.


              Bunchball GamificationJive Rewards
              Missions, Triggers & Quests x x
              Custom missions
              Place-specific missionsxx
              Trigger characteristics (running time, running total)x
              Admin can create multiple triggers to earn points or badgex
              Admin can set prerequisite(s) for missions (qualifying points, badges, level )x
              Team Missionsx x
              Admin can assign a live and expiration date for missionsx x
              Earn points without earning badge (and vice versa)x x
              Inbox Notifications x
              Alert followers when new badge is earned
              User-facing dashboard of available missions, points and ranking against other members
              Global participation
              Per gamification campaign
              Mission participation
              Bunchball GamificationJive Rewards
              TeamAdvocacy/Advocacy Group
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                  dmudgett Beginner

                  I know this is tagged as answered, but....


                  First, the table you added T A is really helpful to understand what Rewards has and what it doesn't. It shows a lot of gaps in Rewards. 


                  In the documentation it says "Note: To migrate from Advanced Gamification, you need to file a Support case. Professional Services also offers an optional package to achieve higher business value through gamification. If you're interested in this service, please contact your Sales account representative."


                  So we need to pick one or the other, it seems? We can't leverage both systems (bunchball and rewards)?


                  I'd like to offer the best of all capabilities to our users and many of the rewards mechanisms are quite valuable, especially for onboarding  as they're highlighted/visible as well as the notifications leveraging the inbox. Key items missing from bunchball. So i just want to be sure i'm exactly clear what's possible and what is not.

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                  john.castles Novice

                  Hi Buck,


                  While AGM and Rewards seem similar, AGM goes beyond just onboarding.  AGM has been part of Jive for the past 3 years and it is an enterprise-class gamification module for large, more complex community engagement.


                  There are a number of enhancements coming to AGM as we switch from Nitro Console to Nitro Studio in Q4 of 2015.  Nitro Studio has been available for Nitro Platform customers for 18 months and will be available to AGM customers as well.  You should look at https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-176017 to see what is coming in AGM.


                  Lastly, if you have AGM implemented already, there is no formal way to migrate from AGM to Rewards.

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                      buckbard Novice

                      John - Thanks for the info.  The PowerPoint wasn't particularly helpful, I wish there was an accompanying document that described the factual points.


                      What disturbs me is that we've invested a great deal in AGM, and one of the reasons that we selected Jive as a platform was the Nitro integration.  Video plays a huge part in our social strategy and we were told explicitly that that would be an action in a pending release. Honestly, I feel lied to.  Now it seems to me that Jive is getting into that space for their platform, and I don't see requests to do things like implement more actions in Jive getting any traction.  Most of my questions have met silence, which is usually what people do when they don't want to come out and say "No."


                      Our social and community strategy has gamification as a central point.   If I can't use Jive to do the things I need because they won't implement the actions I need (and really, clicking on a video is something I think most customers would take advantage of), then I'll look to moving to a platform that I can use for those functions.   That's not to say we would dump Jive, but it does mean it becomes a smaller part of our social strategy moving forward.

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                          jpaatbunch Novice

                          Hi Buck,


                          John Castles has been out the last few days and I didn’t want to leave this hanging.  We appreciate the feedback and understand your frustration.  We continue to work with the Jive team to further explore continued road map items.


                          There might be some opportunities around what you are looking for outside of the current core AGM capabilities.  If you are interested in exploring, we would be happy engage on this. 



                          John Andrews

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                        akoplen Advanced

                        Does anyone know if there have been updates to the comparisons between Bunchball vs. Jive Rewards?