Hello, JiveWorks! I'm Harini Sridharan and I, alongside Darshita Maniar, will be leading the JiveWorld17 track: Why Jive – The Business Impact of Enterprise Collaboration. Today I'll be telling you about the Why Jive track, and how these sessions could be just the ones you're looking for as you devise an agenda that provides the most valuable JiveWorld experience possible.

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Track owners: Harini Sridharan & Darshita Maniar

Target audience: Leaders from organizations considering Jive or looking to expand their use of Jive
Session type: Presentations / Panels / Q&A / mix
Number of sessions: 8 (4 on each day)
Internal or external: Both
Company size: All


The modern enterprise needs to be purposefully and continuously relevant to its customers while also being able to quickly adapt to emerging market trends and industry opportunities – it needs to become a customer adaptive enterprise. But having the kind of energized, enabled and captivated workforce required to quickly innovate, execute and adapt — all while consistently providing outstanding customer support via a united, multi-channel experience — requires a solution that gets teams across the entire enterprise aligned and innovating together based on customer needs.


This track is for anyone interested in truly understanding the business impact of Jive's collaboration hub and the part that it plays in their digital transformation efforts. Whether you're considering Jive for your organization or are looking to get even more out of Jive, this track will provide you with all the information you need to understand why progressive companies from around the globe are working better together with Jive's products and solutions.


During these two full days of sessions, you'll learn about:

  • The strategic value of employee, customer and partner communities – with data to back it up
  • The tactical and strategic decisions customers considered when selecting a collaboration solution, as well the decision paths they went down after
  • The breadth of use cases that can be powered by a people-centric and modern interactive intranet
  • How Jive supports the entire employee journey from on-boarding through development, training and engagement
  • Unique success stories with Jive as the platform for customer engagement, education and support
  • The various ways different non-profit organizations leverage Jive to achieve their mission


Plus, you'll learn all about how employee and customer communities are transforming the way people work from LeaderNetworks and Atascadero Partners, as well as directly from several Jive customers, including:



Joining us for this track is the best way for you to learn more about how Jive can help your organization work better together.


Thanks and hope to see you at JiveWorld17!

Harini & Darshita



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