• How do you manage documents for follow-up?

    Hi, All!   How do you manage your documents to ensure that they're updated and accurate?  Is there a way to set a reminder to return to a document to ensure it's up to date?   There's "mark for action...
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  • Cleaning up tags - Your best ideas please

    Good day all, Some spring cleaning I am beginning to undertake is the cleaning up and removal of duplicate tags. How have you done this and what are your best practices? Best, Toby
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  • Strategies in getting users to update avatar, not profile picture in cloud?

    Now that Jive Cloud has profile pictures and avatars separated and the profile picture upload doesn't update your avatar, I've noticed that some people are updating their pictures as profile pictures, not avatars. Fir...
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    created by heatherausmus
  • "I have the same question" feature

    Hi there,   I have a question about the "I have the same question" feature. If a user clicks this button, does this qualify as "activity" on the post, and would that then populate a question to the top of a "rec...
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  • is it possible to integrate Jive API with wordpress?

    We have two Jive communities where we post different documents and events. Through our new website powered by wordpress, we want to extract the main events and newly published documents in our jive communities. Is the...
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  • Users in a group

    i am looking to compare active users against members of a specific user group.  Is there a way to do this by exporting a list of users
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    created by awootton
  • Any advice on easy ways to integrate HTML pages in the community to display product documentation (i.e. release notes)?

    Our product team would like to easily upload product documentation from their current repository into our community. They mentioned doing it on an HTML page. Any experience/advice on how to accomplish this? Thank you.
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    last modified by sfield
  • Community Site Map

    Does anyone know if there is a quick way to get a structural design of your community site?   I'm looking for something like a sitemap or hierarchical map of all the places, space, groups, and pages that map up...
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  • Any Ideas on best way to use video

    Any thoughts on leveraging videos in your community? I have a number of customer videos I'd like to share, but looking for creative ways others have used video.   Please share your ideas and examples in the comm...
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    created by aluciani
  • Automate Welcome Badge

    Is there a way to automate the giving of a welcome badge to new users in the community?
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  • How do tags play with search?

    I had the pleasure of seeing Ted Hopton present a few days ago at JiveWorld17, and he said something almost in passing that my team and I have been wondering about ever since. Specifically, Ted said that a large numbe...
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  • Is there a way to add a requirement to a question?

    In order to answer most questions in our community, we really need to know the version number of the product people are using. We've thought about making the versions categories, but that will (over time) get really l...
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    last modified by kristengastaldo
  • Mollom End of Live - What is Jive's plan?

    Hi Jive and the Jive Community,   Like many other external customers, we use Mollom within Jive's anti-spam controls to keep the noise at bay.   Acquia has indicated that their killing off Mollom: Mollom E...
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    created by dave_m_k
  • Edit Error Message

    Hi- I only see this submitted as an idea in Jive, but I was hoping that I may have missed a document on how to edit error messages in Jive-x. We have a space that is visible to all visitors, but in order to create con...
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  • Third party calendar on their external community?

    HI all,   I'm looking to embed a calendar on my community site. has onyone used any third party calendars that are easy to update? Thank you!
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    created by bkhaleghian
  • Anyone else missing Daily Gains in their leaderboard?

    My daily gains have been going on and off (mostly off) for over a week now. Nothing in the Your Ranking tab and nothing in Top 100. I don't know if we aren't earning points or if Jive just isn't showing it. Also, my #...
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    last modified by kristengastaldo
  • Is it possible to hide usernames of registered users for not logged in visitors (guest users) and show another profile property instead of that?

    We want activate guest access in our community, but we don't want that the guests (not logged in users) can see the username of our registered users. Is there a way to "hide" all user information for guests or just s...
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  • Key Content and Places Tile in the center

    How can I add a Key Content and Places tile in the center - not in one of the narrow side panels in Jive(x) hosted?
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  • Blog post image header size

    Is there a 'right' size for the header image?   And, is it responsive to different screen sizes?   Having trouble figuring out the right size.  And, unable to find documentation on the recomme...
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    last modified by allura
  • Notifications to Private Group Members

    I have a private group.  Do all members/followers of a private group receive notification of any and all content when it is added to the group?  Or do the members have to be following the individual who post...
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