Version 1


    For Admins to provide a quick search widget to automatically select the place, person or content type that needs to be filtered on.

    Use an HTML widget on an overview page.



    Screen shot 2011-09-08 at 9.54.38 AM.png





    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">  
    function fixurl ()  
    /* The easiest way to build out these variables is to run a search for
      what you would like this widget to return.  Copy and paste the URL of 
      that successful search into a plain text editor.  Copy all of the URLs 
      into this code below*/
            var query = document.getElementById("collateral_text-box").value  
      /* the search will be pulled from the text box*/
           var query = "&q=" + query;  
      /*search for content but be sure to select a user to limit results, 
      look in the URL and grab the variable for 'userID' and insert it here.*/
           var userID = "&userID="  
      /* 14=space, 700=group, 600=project.  
      You must have containerType, container # and container Name to search for 
      a space / group / project */
           var containerType = "&containerType="
      /* Run a search limited to a group, space, project and inspect the URL for
      the container number*/
            var container = "&container="
      /* Run a search to locate the container name - not required */
           var containerName = "&containerName="
      /* values:  all, yesterday, last7days, last30days, lastyear*/
      var dateRange = "&dateRange=all"
      /*values: relevance, likes, rating, subject, dates*/
           var rankBy = "&rankby=relevance"
      /* values: all, document, blogpost, message (discussions), task, external-site, poll, idea */
                   var typeValue = "all"
           var contentType = "&contentType=" + typeValue ;
      /* from what I can tell, result type = contnt type...*/
           var resultTypes = "&resultTypes=" + typeValue ;
      /* number of results, enter a number!*/
                var numResults = "&numResults="
      var combined_url = userID + containerType + container + containerName + resultTypes + dateRange + rankBy + contentType + query + numResults ;  
      window.location = "/search.jspa?peopleEnabled=true" + combined_url;  
              <form id="myform2" action="#" onSubmit="fixurl();return false;" style="margin:10px;">
                   <input type="text" name="query" size="20" value="" id="collateral_text-box">   
                   <input type="submit" id="go-button" value="Go" onClick="fixurl();return false;"/>




    I wanted to search a specific space, to modify the code I changed 2 things


    First I ran a search and selected a space within my environment, this was the URL result, I highlighted the important parts.  

    Then I made the changes in the code posted above.  I added 14 and 2010, then saved!


    var containerType = "&containerType=14"
    var container = "&container=2010"