Version 3

    Steps to configure Enhanced Editor Plugin pro

    1. Go to the Extended Properties of the Spaces where Enhanced Editor needs to be configured: Jive Admin Console>Spaces>Settings>Extended Properties

    2. Set the following system properties



    3. Go to Jive UI>Navigate to Space for which the above-mentioned system properties are set.

    4. Click on Actions. New contents appear in the Actions section.



    Set Language Cluster

    1. Go to Jive Admin Console>Spaces>Settings>Language Cluster.

    2. Click on Add space to the cluster

    3. Go to Jive UI>Navigation to Space which is added as a Language Cluster.

    4. Go to Actions>Create Corporate Content.

    5. Click on Add Language and Select language>Create.

    6. Create Corporate content in the selected language simultaneously.

    7. Publish Corporate content.



    Ghost Publish Content

    1. Go to Jive Admin Console>People>Ghost Author Relations>Add Relationship.

    2. Select Editor, Author, Space, and Expiry Date.

    Ghost Author is selected for a Space.

    3. Go to Jive UI Console>Space.

    4. Go to Actions>Corporate Content>Create.

    5. In the Advanced Options, Select Ghost user and Publish Corporate content.