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    Subspace link within Key Content and Places tile does not redirect to subspace

    Problem Description

    When a Key Content and Place Tile is created in Jive with links to subspaces, in the Jive Daily application tapping on those links doesn't redirect to correct subspace.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a space A
    2. Create different subspaces A1, A2, A3 from the above space
    3. Within any page from Space A, create Key Content and Places Tile and add all sub-spaces create before (A1, A2, A3)
    4. From IOS app, view tile
    5. Tap the sub-space links

    Expected Result:

    • Subspace should be open/shown within the app

    Actual Result:

    • Sub-space is not open
    • Clicking the link does not redirect to anywhere.

    Please see the following video for further details:


    Defect/Enhancement Number

    JVMBL-1464, JVMBL-1543