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    Tagged content tile not pulling contents

    Problem Description

    Content tagged with more than one word are not pulled out in a tagged content tile.



    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Upload a document.
    2. Put tag: artificial intelligent (Or any of choice that has more than a word).
    3. Save it.
    4. Go to Activity Page.
    5. Insert Tile: tagged content.
    6. Configure tile to use tag: artificial intelligent
    7. No content will be shown.
    8. Now edit the same document to use tag: artificial (Or one word only), use it in the tagged content tile. Document will be shown in the tagged content tile.

    Expected Result

    Document should show in tagged content tile.

    Actual Result

    Document is not shown when tag with more than a word is used.

    Defect/Enhancement Number



    Issue is resolved in version 9.0.5

    Please go to the Aurea Support Central page to download the most recent version of Jive: