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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services


    Available Services

    The following offerings or services are available to customers with a Aurea Messenger Platinum membership with an on-premise platform.


    Execution (Wks)*

    More Information
    Managed UpgradeAurea performs a single environment upgrade of Aurea Messenger to the latest version, including non-functional testing to ensure upgrade stability.Annual2

    Managed Upgrade Guide:  Aurea Messenger OnPrem

    Architecture & Health CheckStability and usability assessment, preventive maintenance check, scalability, and OS level stats (CPU, memory) assessment.Annual2Architecture & Health Check Guide:  Aurea Messenger OnPrem
    Prime KickstartAurea performs and tests the installation of the Prime-eligible Aurea Messenger product.Annual2-4Unlimited Kickstart Guide
    Services Available to Enterprise Customer
    Application Performance TuningOptimize the performance of the Aurea Messenger Solution deployed in a single environment to be consistent with Aurea best practices.Annual2-4Platinum Performance Tuning for Enterprise Editions

    * The Execution (in Weeks) is applicable once the agreed-upon start date is reached. Start date cannot be finalized until all required customer inputs are delivered to the Platinum project team.


    Customer Responsibilities

    • Request Platinum Service offering
    • Provide requested information in a timely manner; provide questionnaires, request diagrams and so forth
    • Provide access to an appropriate environment for the requested service, e.g. production, development or equivalent. Access to the hosts varies according to the service requested. Indirect access may be acceptable depending on circumstances.


    Process Overview

    The following is the common delivery process format for all Platinum Service projects. Details may vary for each service.

    • Initiation
      • Service request processing
      • Initial information requests
      • Initial planning
    • Preparation
      • All primary planning, analysis, development, and training
    • Execution
      • Delivery of the offering

    Refer to Aurea Platinum Support Services Delivery Process for more information.


    Request a Service

    You can request service by creating a request case in the Aurea Support Portal at



    The following are frequently asked questions about Platinum Services.

    • Is my company eligible for Platinum Services?
      • All Platinum Support members with on-premise Aurea Messenger platforms are eligible for the services identified in this guide.
    • How do I request a Platinum Service?
      • You can request service by creating a request case in the Aurea Support Portal at to the Request a Service section for details.