Version 3
    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services


    A blank Architecture & Health Check Questionnaire for Aurea Process is attached below.


    1. Download the attached Architecture & Health Check Questionnaire - Aurea Process.xslx.
    2. Complete the questionnaire in a timely manner as it is required for Platinum Services to begin the Architecture & Health Check.
    3. Provide a response to every question.
      • Enter information only in white-filled cells.
      • Enter "N/A" when requested information does not apply.
      • Add comments as needed in the response cells.
        • If more room is needed for comments, add them to the Comments tab and add a comment in the response cells indicating more information is available in the Comments tab and include the row number of the comment.
    4. Attach the completed questionnaire to the Resource Tracker document in the project and update the Status for the Architecture & Health Check Questionnaire to "Provided".