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    Platinum Support Program | Platinum Services


    Available Services

    The following services are available to customers with a Platinum membership with Aurea CRM on the Cloud.

    ServiceDescriptionFrequencyDuration (Wks)*More Information
    Managed Upgrade**

    Aurea performs an application upgrade to the latest version. Customers can choose to upgrade to a major or minor version of the software on the Cloud.


    Managed Upgrade Guide:  Cloud Aurea CRM Upgrade

    Prime KickstartAurea performs and tests the installation of any Prime-eligible productAnnual2-4Unlimited Kickstart Guide
    GDPR Protect ServicesAurea performs GDPR compliance activitiesQuarterly2

    Aurea CRM and GDPR Compliance (English)

    Aurea CRM and GDPR Compliance (German)

    * The Duration (in Weeks) is applicable once the agreed upon start date is reached and all required customer inputs are delivered to the Platinum project team.

    ** Migration from version 7 or older to a higher version is not in the scope of platinum services managed upgrade.


    Enhanced Support

    Customer Success Desk
    • 24x7 access to dedicated team of Success associates who are specially trained to quickly address and resolve support needs
    Severity One Response Time
    • Immediate access by phone
    • One-hour response from a product expert through support portal
    Online Support Portal
    • 24x7 online access to case tracking, support knowledge base, and product documentation
    VIP Phone Hotline
    • 24x7 phone support
    Preferred Patch and Hotfix Updates
    • Preferred access to service packs or hot-fixes for your releases
    Priority Issue Resolution
    • Product engineering prioritizes your requests
    Extended Support
    • Support for legacy versions up to three years old


    Upcoming Services

    The details of the following services will be added soon at which time you may request them.

    Duration (Wks)*
    Cloud Utilization AuditAurea performs comprehensive audit for visibility, insight, and cloud traffic

    utilization benchmarking



    Customer Responsibilities

    • Request Platinum Support Service service
    • Provide requested information in a timely manner
    • Provide access to production or equivalent directly or indirectly


    Process Overview

    The following is the common delivery process format for all Platinum Support Service projects. Details will vary for each service.

    • Initiation
      • Service request processing
      • Initial information requests
      • Initial planning
    • Preparation
      • All primary planning, analysis, development and training
    • Execution
      • Delivery of the offering

    Refer to Aurea Platinum Support Services Delivery Process for more information.


    Request a Service

    You can request a service by creating a case in the Aurea Support Portal at



    The following are frequently asked questions about Platinum Support Services.

    • Is my company eligible for Platinum Support Services?
      • All Aurea CRM customers  with Platinum Support for the Cloud are eligible for the services identified in this guide. If you do not currently have Platinum Support, please contact your account manager to learn more!
    • How do I request a Platinum Support Service?
      • You can request any Platinum Support service by creating a case in the Aurea Support Portal at  Refer to the "Request a Service" section for details.