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    Issue Encountered: All the non-admin User/User Group have permission to create a Space.



    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Login to the Jive instance as a non-admin user.
    2. Click on the 'Create' option on the upper right-hand corner.

    Expected Result

    • The drop-down from 'Create' shouldn't contain an option to create a 'Space'.
    • Ony Admins should have rights to create a Space.

    Actual Result

    • The non-admin user has access to create a Space


    The non-admin User/User Group has Admin access over Jive instance/Space.


    Remove/Change the Admin rights from the non-admin User/User Group


    • If the issue is happening for only a specific user.
    • Login to Jive instance as Admin and go to, Admin Console,
    1. Go to Permissions > System Administration.
    2. Click on 'Check someone's permissions'.
    3. Enter the username and lookup for Admin permissions if any.
    4. Remove/change the Admin privileges if it is not required.
    • If the no user has 'User Overrides' and Audit log shows similar log,
    1. Admin Console > System > Management > Audit Log Viewer (sample image)

    User-added image


    • This means the 'Space' is created under a parent space/root space, inheriting parents settings.
    • Then, go to the Admin Console,
    1. Go to, Permissions > Space Permissions.
    2. Under 'View and edit a space's permissions', click on 'browse for a space'
    3. Select the parent space/root space.
    4. This will take you to the Default Space Permissions page.
    5. Make sure that the non-admin User/User Group don't have the 'Administer' rights/User overrides.