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    Points discrepancy between CMR Leadwerboard Report and Profile Hovercard


    9.0.2, 9.0.3

    Problem Description

    There is a discrepancy with points shown in CMR Leaderboard report and Profile Hovercard

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Ensure you have CMR installed and connected to the Analytics Database
    2. Enable Status Level Points in Admin Console: People > Settings > Status Level Settings
    3. Create a new user
    4. Have the new user create a Group
    5. Have the user create a Document, Discussion and Poll in that Group
    6. Run the ETL under Admin Console: System > Settings > Analytics > Data Load
    7. Delete that Group
    8. Run the ETL again
    9. Check the User Leaderboard Report in CMR
    10. Hover over the new of your user until it shows the Profile Hovercard

    Expected Result

    CMR should match the same amount of points the user has in his Profile Hovercard. If not in real-time, then at least after running the ETL.

    Actual Result

    CMR shows a greater Point value than what is visible in the Profile Hovercard.
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