Version 9

    Welcome to My News, the central place for you to see what's happening in the AureaWorks community relevant to you and the Aurea products you use.  You can also customize your own streams to keep track of what's important for you – and even make My News your home page! Find out how: How to Make "My News" Your Home Page


    Note: Content you've read will stay in your news stream for 2 days before going away. Content you haven't read yet will stay for 10 days.


    Here's a Quick Guide to My News:


    (1) This is a list of News Streams. You can click on them to show a news stream only for that specific topic (you can always get back to the My News home page by clicking on News on the left). The ones to the left side of Following are streams that we have built for you and include:

    • Updates from Aurea. Anytime we post important updates, announcements or communications, it will show up in this stream
    • Product Communities. Depending on what Aurea product(s) you use, you'll see updates, communications and discussions about those product(s)
    • Aurea Talks. This is where thought leadership blogs are posted. You can also check out and follow Blogs


    (2) These are streams that you have personally created. By default, any person, place or content you are following will show up in your Following stream. To create your own customizable stream, click on the "+" sign and start adding people, places or content to that stream! Once you create a stream, it will appear as an option any time you follow a person, place or piece of content. For more information about following, see How to Follow Places in AureaWorks. To learn more about creating your own custom streams, check out How to Create a Custom News Stream in AureaWorks.

    • Need some ideas for News streams? Try creating a stream for Aurea products you are interested in, or follow the Aurea leadership team. Making connections with other customers? Create a stream for your new friends!


    (3) Use these three buttons to navigate to the important places for you in the community.

    • Company News and Updates will take you to Aurea Customer Hub (open to all Aurea customers)
    • Product Communities (open to everyone) will take you to a list of Aurea products where you can choose the community you'd like to visit
    • Product Hubs will take you to a list of options where you can choose your Aurea product (Hubs are only available to current customers of the product).

    Note: If you are a customer and don't have access to any of these places, request access here: Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today


    (4) Important Resources is a place to learn more about News and AureaWorks. Are we missing something? Comment below and let us know!


    (5) Latest Blog Posts will pull blogs from across the community specifically applicable to you depending on the product you use. It pulls from the product communities, Hubs, and Aurea Customer Hub.


    (6) the rest of the page that you see is essentially your news stream. As new content and activity happens, your news stream will change to show you the latest content. Your news stream is made up of several news streams, a mixture of your customized streams as well as built in streams such as:

    • Streams created by the AureaWorks community team. These are updates and activity pulled from places relevant specifically to you and the specific Aurea products you use
      • For example: A CRM customers would see updates happening in their private CRM Hub and the CRM Community, while a CX Platforms customer would see updates happening in the private CX Platforms Hub and the CX Platforms Community. Customer of both? You would see updates from both the private CRM Hub AND private CX Platforms Hub as well as the CRM and CX Platforms Community.
    • Connections stream. These are streams displaying updates from the people and places you follow. You can identify them because the tile displays as "Following." Learn more about how to follow: How to Follow Places in AureaWorks
    • Top & Trending stream. This stream is to help you get a feeling for what's happening in the community right now.


    That's it! Have fun with your News page by creating custom streams and check back frequently for updates and hot topics!

    To leave a comment, ask a question or subscribe to updates, please sign in or register by clicking on Login button or red Register button in the top right corner to get started.