Version 2
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    ActivityJIVE-50481S2add configuration option / default for EAE such that anonymous views aren't sent to EAE
    Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-50621S2Email notifications missing a link when Announcements use announce a link
    Activity: WidgetsJIVE-57117S2Special Character HTML encoding in a tile
    Activity: NewsJIVE-63656S3The narrow carousel slides don't advance automatically when you click the arrows
    Activity: NewsJIVE-65395S2Trending People tile on the News page is not populated when Recommender is disabled
    Activity: Admin ConsoleJIVE-70300S2Not able to reply via email to photo album, event and poll.
    Activity: Private MessagesContent: Status UpdatesJIVE-70801S2Status Update & Message: when you attach an image larger than the maximum size allowed, then attach picture less than maximum size allowed, you still get an error and only images smaller than 2048 are allowed
    ActivityJIVE-71933S2Accessibility: Refresh button should get the keyboard focus
    Activity: News People: Email People: User ProfilesJIVE-72849S2When External Contributor personal landing page is set to "Inbox ignored," users are sent to home by default
    Activity: Structured OutcomesJIVE-75300S2When disabled, Structured Outcome options still appear in search filters
    Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-75305S3Email message sent in sender's browser language
    Analytics: CMRJIVE-37057S3DatabaseIndexExistsPrerequisite check can fail for Oracle
    Analytics: CMRJIVE-69894S2Users with only a "name" field appear as null in content leaderboard CMR
    Architecture: Background TasksJIVE-54836S2Cannot update value for MessageIDCutoff Give Up Time due to NumberFormatException
    Content: Structured OutcomesJIVE-55348S2French characters with accents encoded incorrectly on email alerts when documents marked for action/success/offical etc.
    Content: EventsJIVE-56039S2Unable to invite External Contributors to Events within External Groups
    ContentJIVE-61428S2Share Message Listed As Optional, Is Not Optional
    Content Mobile: ResponsivePlaces: TilesJIVE-61742S2Mobile home page tagged content tile redirects to improper URL
    Content: Status Updates Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-63333S2Creating a "Status Update" in Responsive only allows you to post the content in the community and not select a place
    Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-64968S2Sharing a User's Status creates an error if you don't select, "Enable status update in social groups and projects"
    Content: Mobile SafariJIVE-67147S2Unable to submit Discussion on mobile following posting of empty Discussion post
    Mobile: ResponsiveSearch: Spotlight SearchJIVE-69943S2Responsive spotlight search does nothing when "show more" is tapped
    Content: EventsJIVE-70338S2Invites accepted via Outlook do not update Jive RSVP status
    Content: External StorageJIVE-73380S2External storage integration prevents users from creating spaces using the admin console
    Content: AntivirusJIVE-73390S1Antivirus doesn't understand McAfee's "No modification needed" response
    Content: Blogs / Blog PostsJIVE-62425S2V3 API: contentImages field missing in updated blog post
    Content: Blogs / Blog PostsJIVE-71358S1In a personal blog post, @mentioning spaces a user doesn't follow generates email notification
    Content: DiscussionsJIVE-71206S1'MOST LIKED' shows after disabling Liking
    Content: Document ConversionJIVE-50972S2Document conversion occasionally doesn't complete for certain Excel files
    Content: Document ConversionJIVE-70183S2Excel Office 97-2003 format conversion issue
    Content: DocumentsJIVE-64200S2Headers and tables issues in PDF formatting
    Content: DocumentsJIVE-72972S1Unexpected error trying to undelete a document
    Content: EntitlementsJIVE-49144S3"Any User Group" appears in Admin Console: Permissions > Space Permissions and cannot be changed/altered
    Content: IdeationJIVE-71901S2Create Idea by Email not working
    i18n & l10nJIVE-70416S3i18n: The text for hiding content in streams doesn't always match the gender for all types of content
    People: WidgetsJIVE-40765S2Newest Members widget doesn't display Joined date for all users
    People: RegistrationJIVE-59564S2Notification Messages on Jive Registration Page
    People: WidgetsJIVE-64738S2Recently Joined widget displays date of invitation NOT date of acceptance.
    People: User ProfilesJIVE-72903S2Unable to save empty fields when editing a profile
    People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-73023S2Deleting filled-in profile fields in the admin console and then saving does not remove the fields
    Places: Social GroupsJIVE-32611S3Users who follow an Open group, and then have the group changed to a private group, are still marked as followers of the group
    PlacesJIVE-54258S3Two "Status Updates" in Create call-to-action on place Activity page are confusing
    Places: RSSJIVE-58187S2RSS Feed does not render shares correctly
    Places: CatalystJIVE-68429S3Lobby Widget not showing content on load
    Places: RSSJIVE-69105S3For RSS feeds, you can't edit the community URL to view different formats
    Places: BrowsingJIVE-71964S3Safari 9: Back button history does not surface URL title
    Places: RSSJIVE-73105S2Jive RSS feeds in RSS widget not parsing correctly with SSO + Passive Auth enabled
    Places: ThemingJIVE-75600S4Simple Theme Tool breaks Custom CSS
    Content: Documents Places: Social GroupsJIVE-73024S2White box remains when cancelling a content move from one group to another
    RTEJIVE-41687S2Embedded Video auto resizes on publish
    RTE: ImagesJIVE-71406S2Image links no longer come across in email notifcations
    RTE: LinksJIVE-45485S2When you click the Unlink button, you still see a link
    Search: UIJIVE-70457S2Long content titles don't wrap or go cut to ellipsis in search results
    Search: PeopleJIVE-27054S2Unable to @mention users with an underscore in their name
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-139S3User Follower mouseover text incorrectly shows 0 followers
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-169S1Answer Marked Helpful event only fires for first helpful mark user
    Activity Streams Gamification (Bunchball)CUSTOM-192S2Reputation stream gives inaccurate gamification activity in Reputation stream
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-195S2Japanese locale missing from the Recommender
    Activity Streams RTE Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-235S2IE 11: Formatted text widget float left on image doesn't work
    Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-570S2Personal message in Share modal is not editable via admin console
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-68S2Question counts for Community Manager Reports and Analytics differ in certain conditions
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-191S1Vitals monitoring can become stuck on CloudAnalyticsStatusTest, leading to outage (Hosted/OnPrem)
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-658S2Impact Metrics view count for some documents does not match the document view count
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-576S2Convert email into discussion > missing notification email for new content on followed group
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-865S2"Get version usage graphs" doesn't work for Extended APIs plugin admin
    ContentMobileCUSTOM-79S2Mobile iOS: When you click "Open Jive App" from Safari mobile browser and SSO is enabled and Externally Accessible Groups are disabled, the Jive app doesn't open
    ContentCUSTOM-110S2"Document" macro + ampersand in title attribute cause unexpected error while editing
    Content MobileCUSTOM-141S2On a reduced or mobile browser, page redirects to "overview//content" instead of "overview/content", resulting in an error
    ContentCUSTOM-161S2Categories that contain forward slashes get changed to "\/" (back slash forward slash) on Browse > Content
    Content Document ConversionCUSTOM-163S2Japanese Characters Missing/stripped out entirely in View As PDF &  Hyperlinks converted to ###
    Content External StorageCUSTOM-177S2Hopback: error deleting space
    Content MobileCUSTOM-184S2Responsive - fails to load flash.  We should hide flash converted docs
    Content PluginsCUSTOM-190S2Event Create and Update Actions are using the wrong result type, preventing the use of PluginTemplateDefinitions
    Content PluginsCUSTOM-193S2Attachments don't show up in a Photo Album after it's published
    ContentCUSTOM-206S2Cannot convert a particular document to pdf
    Content SearchCUSTOM-416S2Using the user picker, page 2 always renders a blank page
    ContentCUSTOM-446S2Not able to attach .xlsb files to content when restricting extensions
    ContentCUSTOM-572S3Cannot add images to Slideshow Carousel Widget if you change the Root Context on your Jive instance
    ContentCUSTOM-1155S1Deleting user does not delete outcomes: unexpected error clicking action menu
    EmailCUSTOM-417S2Ampersand in discussion title appears encoded in email notifications
    EmailCUSTOM-549S3Accent marks are being stripped from certain message templates
    Gamification (Bunchball) PlacesCUSTOM-382S2Top Participants Tile: tile doesn't show users when Gamification is enabled
    Gamification (Bunchball)CUSTOM-1014S2The title of content no longer appears in Gamification Activity
    People PlacesCUSTOM-145S2Invitations are being sent in sender's preferred language and are not being translated for the recipient
    PeopleCUSTOM-194S2Opening https://server/app/ redirects you to https://server/app/welcome when you disable "the widgetized community Home Page" after the user sets "Personal Home Page" to Home
    PeopleCUSTOM-202S2Custom profile field does not display label when translation is not available for that field
    PeopleCUSTOM-546S2Profile Recent activity shows nothing when content is disabled
    PeopleCUSTOM-573S2Direct Report Relationship Count not updated after adding direct reports
    PeopleCUSTOM-600S3Date profile field in user's profile is off by one day when the server timezone is set to CET
    PeopleCUSTOM-763S2Export attendees csv does not show "not yet responded" to group or full access admins
    PeopleCUSTOM-953S3Forward slash not rendered properly on People > Browse > Add a Filter
    Places Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-201S2Reordering the slides in a Carousel tile sometimes removes one or more slides
    Places Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-204S2Helpful links tile throwing error if link title is over 40 characters but states a 50 character limit
    Places Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-362S2Carousel Tile: Re-ordering tiles causes those tiles not to display when editing the Tile configuration
    Places Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-489S2Supported content types are not applied to new places when the default is altered
    Places PluginsCUSTOM-728S1When a user creates an event in a group they are not an admin of they cannot feature it on their profile
    PlacesCUSTOM-896S2Renaming a project should not change the project URL
    Places ThemingCUSTOM-1287S1Custom preset banner template images not visible after upgrade
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-80S1Records Retention: Emoticons in quote blocks are not correctly captured and written to Retention XML
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-123S3Records Retention: Failing jobs cause issues
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-128S2When document is deleted, bookmarks that link to document don't reflect deletion
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-156S1Records Retention admin console page does not render
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1074S2Records Retention message about tags being edited is missing tags reference
    RTECUSTOM-100S2IE 11: Content Editor response slows editing large documents
    RTECUSTOM-567S3Images added via HTML to the description of an uploaded file are rendered as the uploaded file
    RTECUSTOM-924S2Cannot toggle between bulleted and numbered lists
    RTECUSTOM-1131S2IE11: Unable to resize big images after editing in content editor